February 2007 Updates Archive

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15 February 2007: A much higher quality version of the new artwork has been added! This image is much clearer and you can see Ling’er has tears in her eyes, so pretty! This is actually one of the most romantic pictures of this couple officially released. This has been added to the Official Artwork section.

14 February 2007: I’ve added pictures of Xian Jian II game images into the Eye Candy section. Yes, Ling’er is featured in Xian Jian 2! Find out more by visiting the link =) I’ve also added a new Music Video of Xian Jian Game (XP version) about Xiao Yao missing Ling’er. This was created in 2004, and was obtained from our affiliate Zhao Ling’er.org. I have uploaded this MV here on this fansite for you to download. It’s really a nice MV for fans of the game. I’ve also cleaned up the MV page and removed all dead links.

11 February 2007: Added 4 new official artwork as well as a new page on Li Yi Ru, Xiao Yao and Ling’er’s daughter :) Personally, I haven’t played the Sequels to Xian Jian so I’m not 100% sure about the story; but with the help of members from the forum I was able to compile things. Hope you enjoy it! If there’s anything you think should be included, please let me know!

10 February 2007: I’ve added more detail to the profiles of the actors, and hope to write up more information for them. 4 new images were added to the [Photos] section, 2 in the behind the Scene. I’ve added a new page in the [Devotion] section to include behind the scene footages (from youtube.com) As promised yesterday, I have put up pictures of Hu Ge and Liu Yi Fei together at various functions. I’ve also created another artwork of the couple. Both can be found under [Eye Candy].

9 February 2007: Double Update! I’ve created a new informative page on the Myth of Nu Wa! Thats right, new screencaptures and written content =) It took me a while to write up, so make sure to check it out. If there’s anything that needs correcting, please let me know. Enjoy!

9 February 2007: I did some cleaning around the site, such as touching up images in the [About] page, re-writing content and updating the FAQ page. I’ve still got some pictures of Liu Yi Fei and Hu Ge at various award ceremonies, I’ll post them up next time.

8 February 2007: Version 6 layout is up! I hope you all like this layout because it’s my personal favourite so far =) It’s also the first layout that’s centered! The images used on the layout can be found in this site, however- I have touched them up so they look higher quality.

1 February 2007: Hi everyone! Not much happening in the world of Chinese Paladin, however I have uploaded a new mp3 of the themesong for PAL (The Game). Note: This song is NOT the themesong for Chinese Paladin DRAMA. There is one main music played in PAL Game and this download has a vocal! The source of this is unknown… I assume it is fanmade but someone correct me if I’m wrong. It’s a nice slow song and the music definately reminds you of the game. Fans of PAL GAME, you don’t want to miss out! To download, visit the Songs Section!

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