January 2006 Updates Archive

Posted by on January 28th, 2006 | Category: Site News

Zhao Ling'er Li Xiao Yao

28 Jan 06 Happy Chinese New Year everyone! I’ve added 14 Wallpapers and 6 Banners in the devotion section, and 3 Music Videos made by iheartu! They’re really good so make sure you check it out! I’ve added a GIF of Xiao Yao and Ling’Er together, and made another one of Ling’er from the Tv Drama. ^^

27 Jan 06 Made and added 9 more GIFS of Ling’er in various outfits and other characters.

26 Jan 06 I’ve written up a long article in regards to evidence Ling’er is the one Xiao Yao truly loves. Hope you enjoy it, it’s not completely finished yet but I have the first part up. I’ve also put up fan’s thoughts on the couple, added 4 avatars and 3 GIFS under fanart (they’re adorable!). Yay, 29 members!

25 Jan 06 Added a Fan made Music Video section under Devotion and added 2 MVs made by Veevee. I’ve also added some Official Artwork of the couple from the game. Yay, we have 23 members now, keep it coming you guys! Thanks.

20 Jan 06 I’ve completed another Fan Art, which is added to the devotion section! I’ve also put up the Links page, check it out sometime, and don’t forget to join the list if you haven’t already.

19 Jan 06 YAY, 1 fanart of Ling’Er has been added; which is my first artwork of her, and I hope fans start sending in theirs too :)

18 Jan 06 I’ve added 2 new buttons, as well as set up the Fan Art and Thoughts by fans page :) Please don’t hesitate to contribute something to this fanlisting.

17 Jan 06 This fanlisting is finally online, up and running! Please take a look around the site, I’ll be adding more content to the Devotion section as soon as I can :) Hope you enjoy all the Eye candy. I’ve also added a Guestbook to this site, under the Misc section.

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