Hu Ge 胡歌 Image Gallery

on 03 1, 2010

Welcome to the image gallery of Hu Ge 胡歌, the highly animated and gorgeous actor for Li Xiaoyao.  Here you will find super cute pictures of Hu Ge modeling in Photo shoots and more!

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Thank you and enjoy :)

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  1. KTVB says:

    Love the photos!! Hes’ so cute XD

  2. Brad says:

    Great selection! Just enough to start an obsession! ;)

  3. Tonee says:

    Love the pix! He’s so adorable! ^_^

  4. Kat says:

    He’s so cute & handsome. I love Sweet Potato (the nickname of his character in Tian Wei Fei Xian), but I don’t know much about him.

  5. TY says:

    if his character’s the same to the movie, it will be great. I watched his movie, i am so proud of his mind……

  6. Diana says:

    I love these photos!! He is soooo handsome!! I love him♥♥♥

  7. pauline says:

    he’s so matured!
    nice pics

  8. meimei says:

    I love his character, voice, and his simile.

  9. nyi nyi zayar says:

    I like him very very much

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