March 2007 Updates Archive

Posted by on March 17th, 2007 | Category: Site News

17 March 2007: Hi guys! Currently it’s 11.40pm here so I’ve managed to make a quick update! I’ve added a new beautiful fanart of Liu Yi Fei as Zhao Ling’er, submitted by Jack Zhang! Do check it out! It’s an amazing 3D piece!

9 March 2007: Just wanted to let you know I’ve obtained a whole bunch of goodies from the Xian Jian XP Version of the game, including in game sprites, avatars and music! I will slowly but steadily add them into this site, a bonus for fans of the game =) I can’t stress enough how beautiful the music is from the game, even if some are midi files. There are some OSTs in particular that really give me memories of this tragic love story. I will most likely give this fansite more focus on the Game-side since the TV drama is already pretty extensive. I gave this site a minor update such as adding in profile images of Xiao Yao and Ling’er from the game. Remember, any fan contributions are welcome.

3 March 2007: Hi guys! After a month of a lot of updates and Chinese Paladin news, this site will be a lot “lighter” this month. Uni break is over for me so less time would be spent on this site. However, I will continue to add goodies now and then and will inform you of any news coming from the Chinese Paladin game. I’ve got a few volunteer translators which I’m really greatful for =) I have uploaded the Chinese Paladin OSTs for mirror download @ so if the sendspace doesn’t work for you, you’ve got choice ^^ Find OST downloads here. Stay tuned guys, and do join in the community of fans in the forum. See you there!

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