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With such wonderful characters from XianJian QiXia Zhuan, there was bound to be an abundance of fans cosplaying their favourites! Cosplay (short for costume play) is a type of performance art where fans dress up as their favourite characters, often creating the outfits themselves.

Here are some of my favourite XianJian Qi Xia Zhuan cosplay photos I’d like to share!

Xian Jian 1

Zhao Ling'er Cosplay

Zhao Ling’er’s 趙靈兒 bathing scene. Although there’s not much of a costume, we can easily identify her as Zhao Ling’er from her hair, the blue ribbon and location. Background sure adds a lot of value :)

A Nu Cosplay Xian Jian 1

Xingyun also does a great job cosplaying as A’nu 阿奴 here. Very accurate and detailed! Definitely one of the best A’nu cosplays I’ve seen.


Xian Jian 2

Shen Qishuang Xian Jian 2 Cosplay

There’s not many cosplays from XianJian 2, let alone such a pretty one of Shen Qishuang 沈欺霜. I think her facial expression and posture looks great. Would be nice to see some full body shots too.

Xian Jian 3

Tang Xue Jian Xian Jian3 Cosplay

Tang Xue Jian 唐雪見

Long Kui cosplay Xian Jian 3

Long Kui 龍葵 cosplay by Miyoko, photographed by shiroang. I was mesmerised by this depiction of Long Kui! The detail is amazing and I love what she did with her eye make-up.
See more photos here.

Red Long Kui Xian Jian 3

Ghostly yet attractive at the same time, this Red Kui gives me the chills! Another one with great eye make-up and costume too.

Long Kui Blue and Red Xian Jian 3

Long Kui blue and red…both rather accurate to the original designs.


Xian Jian 3A
Chinese Paladin 3 Plus: Wen Qing Pian

Chinese Paladin 3 Plus Cosplay

The main characters from the Chinese Paladin 3 side story. It’s hard finding quality group shots but this one was done well.

Xing Xuan Chinese Paladin 3A

Xing Xuan 星璇

Wong Peng-xu 王蓬絮 Chinese Paladin 3A

Wong Peng-xu 王蓬絮

Xian Jian 4

Yun Tian He Xian Jian4 Cosplay

Yun Tian He looking goofy as usual :D

Han Ling Sha Xian Jian 4 cosplay

Han Ling Sha

Liu Meng Li Xian Jian 4 Cosplay

Liu Meng Li

Xian Jian 4 cosplay

Xian Jian 4 cosplay

Xian Jian 5

Oh looky! There’s already some gorgeous cosplays of the upcoming Xian Jian 5 game, and it’s not even released yet! We’re bound to see even more once the game is released in about 2 months time.

Xian Jian 5 cosplay

One of the best 小蛮 cosplays I’ve seen. It looks like she came straight out of the game!

Xian Jian Cosplay Xiao Man

Another accurate depiction of Xiao Man! I like her facial expression in this one, it gives more character to her :D

Xian Jian Qi Xia Zhuan 5 cosplay

Xian Jian Qi Xia Zhuan 5 cosplay

Xian Jian 5 cosplay

Xian Jian Qi Xia Zhuan 5 cosplay

Which are your favourites? Do you have some awesome cosplays to share? Leave a comment and let us know!


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