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Li Xiaoyao and Zhao Ling'er Pairing

Why We Love them!

By iheartu | e-mail
There are rarely couples like this that are just so...hmmm, what's the word...perfect? Yeah, that's about right. Perfect. It's weird because I usually symphathize with the girl that gives all and asks for nothing back, in this case, Yue Ru. But for some reason, Ling'er is my favorite female lead in this series. She's honest, sweet, caring, not to mention absolutely gorgeous!!! And Xiao Yao, well, he's a different type of gorgeous!!! They are the sweetest couple ever on screen, in my opinion. Though all the trials and hardships, Xiao Yao's heart always belonged to Ling'er, and her's to him. They had this kind of relationship where you didn't really have to say anything and the other person knew what you meant. He was constantly trying to make her happy with little jokes and quirks and suprises (pu gong ying). Ling'er, on the other hand, wished nothing but the very best for Xiao Yao. She left him time and time again, not because it was good for her, but because she thought it was good for him. She tore her heart over and over just for his own good. They'd willingly give up their lives for eachtother, without hesitation. Also, they were destined to meet. He rescued her when she was little, then he met her again ten years later on Xian Ling Dao, then he lost his memoiries, but fell in love all over again, if not harder! No matter how much they went through, they were always on eachtoher's mind. Even during in their dreams, thoughts of eachtoher filled their minds. Throughout the entire series, Ling'er constnatly mutters "Xiao Yao Ge Ge" under her breath. And that one time when Xiao Yao was drunk, and Yue Ru asked him if he would give up his life for her. He was drunk and could only tell the truth: a simple yes. And when Xiao Yao dreams, he wakes up in a cold sweat because he's worried about her. All together now: aaaawwww. If that's not true love, then people, I don't know what true love is! Li Xiaoyao and Zhao Ling'er is the sweetest couple anyone could ever hope for.....YAY!!!!!!!!

By Veevee | e-mail
I luv this couple, they are so cute together. I particularly like how Xiao Yao acts around Ling'er; he never jokes (like as in flirting) around her because he really cares for her. He said he will be serious with the only person he loves and it's HER. yay!!!!
Sorry but Yue Ru and Xiao Yao tends to match a little too much they always end up fighting...Being with someone that's so much like you is kinda scary and annoying. You need to be balanced off, like opposite attracts, yin and yang. Ling'er rather hurt him now, making him think that she doesn't love him than to have him die in battle with her, so I admire her more than Yue Ru (not saying Yue Ru didn't sacrifice for Xiao Yao). I mean, what if you find out that you were like half human and half animal, I'd like kill myself ... or never want to tell the person I love the most because I'd be so afraid to tell him, so I guess I relate more to Ling'er.

By Szesze
Although I love both of the girls.. I think Ling'er would be more suitable for Xiao Yao because Xiao Yao always saw Yue Ru as a best friend, while his heart was always towards Ling'er. The way I interpreted it when I watched the series was I really love Yue Ru's sacrificial love.. but Xiao Yao and Ling'er's love is so much greater.. you know what i mean?

By bittersweet winter
I have to agree that Xiao Yao loved Ling'er more, not only due to the word "ling" that stayed constant on his hand, but because throughout the movie, I never really noticed him reassuring Yue Ru and he loved her? Half of me thought it was pity, and half of me thought he had given up on Ling'er.. and well... I never thought it was love.. although I wished so. I think he loved Ling'er from beginning to the end... although at times he forgot her, but the feelings were always there, beneath the surface.

By lil girl
I think he really loves Ling'er but he did like Yue Ru for a period of time but I think the difference is that he LIKED Yue Ru and LOVED Ling'er.

By Clement | e-mail
Hmm, lets see, like most of what others have stated, i like how Xiao Yao acts and reacts to every little thing that Ling'er does ... he always wants the best for ling'er and constantly try to make her happy ... like lying to her about Lao Lao to make her happy, or get so jealous when she keeps talking about JinYuan. The pain that he feels when Ling'er constantly rejecting him, he loves her THAT much. Ling'er too love XiaoYao so much that every moment she closes her eyes, she thinks of him, she waited for him a whole 10 years ! and refuse to give up to anything at the beginning. She later wants the best for XiaoYao and doesnt want him to be with a half human half snake ... but of course XiaoYao don\'t care This is what unconditioned love is, both wouldnt care if one was a monster and another is a hoodlum, they loved each other ...

By XiaoLing | e-mail
I really love Xiao Yao and Ling'er being together because I really feel that Xiao Yao had only loved Ling'er from beginning to end because even though he had lost his memories about them being on Divine Island but even if the memories are lost the love will always be there.... I do feel that Xiao Yao did like Yue Ru but only as a best friend like all you guys have been saying and I do like Yue Ru for her unreturned love... I really wished that the director could've let Xiao Yao and Ling'er to be together because the least they could have was to be together after all the hardships they had to go through but only got to be together for a short while... :cries: T_T .... I really wish they would make like a alternate ending where Ling'er and Xiao Yao would be together forever or something like they got reincarnated and found each while just walking around and when they passed each other they felt a vibe and try looking for each other and they saw each other on the other side of the road and they\'re looking in each others eyes ..... <---- I got that from Hu Ge's new series with Ariel Lin called Tian Wai Fei Tian also called Fairy From Wonderland.... <---- currently watching this series on YouTube and its really good.... anyways I got a little carry away with that but I still LOVE Xiao Yao and Ling'er!!! Xiao Yao and Ling\'er Forever Love!!!

By roswell111 | e-mail
Absolutely love the show! I think they make a great pair. I've have seen some other fan fiction sequel on the web. Mostly are very well written especially like the one on Asiafanatic\\Till the end cos Ling\'er is revived and seemed that she'll be together with Xiao Yao (no ending yet, so keeping my fingers crossed). I knew about this series by chance. I happen to be collecting pictures of LYF,and I saw her with a really lovely guy (Hu Ge) and immediately fell in love with them. I watched the ending first, and oh my god,I cried like crazy! I heard that she will die at the end but when she comes back from the lake..I thought it is a miracle but later...OMG I have seen a lot of series with sad endings but never anything like this. It is so emotional how they can make a scene like this. At the first part, seeing how sweet they are I feel so wonderful but when Yue Ru appeared- everything turned bad. I feel so hurt, so sad the part Xiao Yao came with this girl. I know there are a lot of fan of this girl, but to tell you the truth, even if LingEr doesn't appear,I will not like her. I hate Xiao Yao at this part... how can he be with this girl and forget LE? Luckily the last part was like the beginning. It is so great. This couple cause much feeling for me. You can see how romantic, lovely, sweet when they are together.They always do the best thing for each other.That is true love. All in all, really thrilled that so many people like the show!! Hurray!!!

By XiaoLing | e-mail
Well,at the first sight I saw them, I knew they belong to each other. The reason I saw this film was because of them. I don't know how to explain this feeling, it is really sweet, really. They are sooooooooooo....cute,lovely,sweet....And I love Xiao Yao when he's with Ling'er than when with Yue Ru. Remember what he said at their first night"even after we cannot be rich but I will make you always happy".So great. I love how they touch each other's nose, that the most lovely action of Xiao Yao. I hate why the director made Xiao Yao be with Yue Ru so much of the series. So I love the first & the last part when they are always together.

By Nana | e-mail
Xiao Yao (XY) & Ling'erl (LE) really match each other. Both are cute and sweet. XY is handsome, LE's pretty and very innocent-look. The mischievous and temperamental XY met the lovely and merciful LE, wouldn't it make them a unique couple? The stuborn XY could be so obedient and gentle to the soft-hearted LE, which seemed like her every wish was his command. Watching their love story makes me feel that they are real. I love the parts when XY got jealous of Jin Yuan and Tang Bao, when he asked LE not to leave him anymore, when he proposed LE to marry him for the 2nd time and how he always called LE "Wo Ling-Er". I watched these parts over and over again. Too bad that they could not be together at last. But I do hope to see Hu Ge and Liu Yi Fei as a couple again in other happy ending series/movies, or maybe in the real world. Two thumbs up for the director who had choosed the right persons for the role of XY & LE.

By Maddie | e-mail
I can't forget the last scene, pretty sad from where Ling'Er died till the end, Xiao Yao's painful expression then shows all the love that he had for her. And her she was able to suffer at a step from death to keep her promise.

By splotchydivinity | e-mail
I think Ling-Er slightly edged it out for me over Yue Ru, because her whole life is filled with pain and sorrow. You can't help but feel for the trials she must undergo, the things she love most she must give up, and ultimately her sacrifice and heart is, in my opinion, heartfully directed to the only person she's ever loved: Xiao Yao. That dedication to someone you love so dearly touches me, at least.

Yue Ru, grew up with everything. She had to lose it all (realize that Xiao Yao has only eyes for Ling'er) before she realized that life is worth living as long as Xiao Yao was happy. Ling'er on the other hand only had her self/dream (loving Xiao Yao from when she was a child) to live on. She was always constantly being lost and misunderstood both in her love that she never had something to cling onto. Her life was almost purely one of sorrow with minor highlights of joy. She was never acknowledged as something worthy until ultimately it was too late.

Yes, Ling'er was annoying at times because of her naievity of the situations, but that's because we as an audience knew the entire story and it became dramatic/situational irony. (The definition of said irony is: a scene/setting in which the character is left in the dark, but the audience knows the complete story.) However, her "annoying" factor never really became prominent. I felt that there was always a sad aura around her. Yes she was protrayed as the helpless female lead, but she always had to walk the hardest path (out of all of the characters) for giving up love just when she had triumphed.

(I know many people will say Yue Ru had it the hardest because she loved Xiao Yao without being loved in return, and in a sense it is indeed an equally hard path, if not harder than what Ling'er had. In which case, you have to look at the tragic situations that befalls all the characters by the end of the story. No one had it easy. I guess you could also say in the famous words of Alfred Lord Tennyson, "'Tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.")

By Errant | url
All relationships have chemistry. When we study chemistry, we learn about bonds. Chemistry is about bondedness. You can think of it as sparks.

Imagine xiaoyao's and yueru's relationship, and xiaoyao's and Ling'er's relationship, imagine both of these relationships as like fireworks in a night sky. (just like the fireworks scene in xianjian). xiaoyao-yueru's fireworks would by far be brighter and more imaginative. By contrast xiaoyao-Ling'er's display would be more subdued in nature. If you are a lively and cheerful person in nature, you would find the former display to be more captivating and memorable.

If you are those who prefer to indulge oneself in details, then you'll notice xiaoyao-Ling'er's lightworks would have a certain swing and rhythm to it. If xiaoyao-yueru's relationship is like a passionate tango, then xiaoyao-Ling'er's relationship would be like a waltz. The fireworks from xiaoyao and Ling'er would have a more rhythmic and soothing mood to it because their feelings for each other are mutual: Their hearts pound to the same beat. On the other hand, xiaoyao and yueru has a less mutual feeling for each other for the obvious reason we know well of: yueru fell for xiaoyao as a woman fell for her man, but xiaoyao has vowed not to fall a second time. That's why their dance is more an off-beat dance, a less-synchronized form of fire display. But there is no such thing as a more synchronized relationship being absolutely better than a less synchronized one.

If you are one who prefer memorable moments, xiaoyao-yueru would win your vote. If you are one who is fond of nostalgia, xiaoyao-Ling'er would have won you over.

By xCHELLy | email
I prefer Xiao Yao & Ling'er because they seem better together, pretty much. Both sacrificed something toward their relationship. I think that Xiao Yao & Yue Ru are more like best friends? They're a bit too similar which is kinda :/They could be like brothers & sisters. I think that Ling'er sacrificed a bit more then Yue Ru. Both girls do think the outcome of their actions, like how Yue Ru died for Ling'er & Xiao Yao. Also where Ling'er was willing for the Dao Master guy to take her soul/spirit & take her somewhere safe so Xiao Yao & Yue Ru won't have to die in the temple. I also felt that Ling'er went through a lot of hardships, a bit more Yue Ru & she matured a lot after her falls. That's probably why I prefer Ling'er & Xiao Yao as a couple.

By rambutan | url
At first Yue Ru was fun to watch but as the series progressed instead of being entertained I grew irritated by her continuous loud behaviour. Her voice actually grated on my ears and it was painful to see Xiao Yao turning to her (after being rejected by Ling'er). I was relieved to see Xiao Yao regaining his memories at the critical time. It was painful seeing Xiao Yao and Yue Ru together because we know someone else is his true love. Unlike his love for Ling'er, Xiao Yao's feelings for Yue Ru grew out of gratefulness.

By Jing | email
I think that I totally prefer Xiao Yao and ling'er together as opposed to Xiao Yao and Yue Ru. Okay actually there was not really any Xiao Yao and Yue Ru to begin with. And Yue Ru is like a third party of sorts? I guess, and she can't stop being clingy to Xiaoyao, even when he told her thathe didn't want her to go, she insists on tagging along. Then, getting herself killed. Then Xiao Yao starts weeping and ringing the darn bells. =_= Honestly, even in the game, sure, Yue Ru has WAAAY more screen time than Ling'er it is kind of infuriating anyway, that Xiao Yao develops feelings for her eventually. However, in most forums people seem to prefer Xiao Yao x Yue Ru, saying that they have chemistry. Well apparently, Ling'er has less screen time and Xiao Yao seems more devoted to her than he is to Yue Ru.

Secondly, in the game he cries when he sees Yue Ru's past self and her apparation in his dream because he misses her companionship. The term means he misses her COMPANIONSHIP, not her love, he just misses having her around. Goodness gracious. I feel that the relationship between Ling'er and Xiao Yao is more REAL, if not for the whole Miao people making him lose his memory thing. More concrete feelings are bound to develop.

I haven't really finished watching the series, but after playing the game I'm supporting Xiao Yao x Ling'er even more.

As I feel that even though the script seems very forced, that they are more real. I still have the gut-feeling that Xiao Yao will choose Ling'er over Yue Ru in the end, even if she survived the ordeal because now the two characters are on equal ground instead of Yue Ru getting to stick to Xiao Yao all the time and clinging to him till he feels sorry for her and considers wether he has feelings for her.

Also,in the game Xiao Yao intimately refers to Ling'er as " My Ling'er " and it pained him when he saw her chained to the pole and whereby she said that she was going to give up living because she was a demon. The raw pain that was felt inbetween the both of them was so intense. Especially when he began to recall all the events that happened on Xian Ling Dao and rescued her from the chains. That really ascertained their relationship for me.

Anyway, talking about sacrifice, Ling'er had sacrificed her love for Xiao Yao because she thought that Xiao Yao and Yue Ru had feelings for each other. Yet she's only 16 she hasn't fallen in love so deep before and she doesnt even know how to let go. She still wants him back yet she doesn't let her self and this explains her negative attitude towards him when he 'found' her again somewhere near the vampire village.

Also, in the series, from where I've started watching that is. Xiao Yao seems to have told Yue Ru alot about his relationship with Ling'er, the bits and pieces which he still remembers (according to Jin Yuan). Which shows that maybe Yue Ru developed something like Jiu Jian Xian. She falls deeper in love with him, just by listening to him and Ling'er's love story.

ANYWAY, about why I like them so much! It's because well, they seem the most natural to me. The most well-matched couple in my opinion. Well, excluding tangyu and ah nu. I feel that theyre relationship braved alot, yet they still come out strong. As said in the hidden ending of the game. Even death could not keep them apart.

By Pamela | email
I believe that XiaoYao and Ling'er are made for each other. YueRu was just an obstacle, actually, YueRu was really pitiful, She did a lot for xiaoYao. I sort of hated her during the process, but I didn't anymore when she died. I really thought it would be better if none of them dies and they just live happily together, like YueRu can stay with xiaoyao and Ling'er and their daughter with JinYuan, Tang yu and Anu etc and come up with the Chinese Paladin two. When everybody dies, it just feels so sad- Xiaoyao is the most pitiful, even Ling'er dies. I honestly think Ling'er shouldn't die, like duh. At least both of them should live even though every body elses die isn't it? It feels more complete. I love both of them so much!!! I even bought the theme song CD. I think I'll buy the vcd or dvd too. :)

By Clemence | email
okies...I can do nothing about it even if i cry over it...but seriously..I think that this movie/drama has everything....a little of love scenes...a little of battle...a little of sad scenes...and a little of comedy...Xiao yao is more of the humourous type..While Ling\'er is more of the sad, calm type, so I agree that they are like Yin and Yang..and as they say, you can't have too much of one I think Xiao Yao and Yue Ru are too much comedy. I think that Xiao Yao and Ling'er are a better couple.

By Janet | email
This is the first time I ever luv any couple on tv...both of them is so perfect for each other. The luv they express is so touching...I simply love it after watching the show, I just cant forget it. Although the end is tragic but I like it...tis is the best show ever!!!!!

By w3ish3n9 | email
I suppose this couple was already set 10 years ago. When XiaoYao went back to the past....Itz fate...The love between them are unstoppable....Even at the cost of their love, the love will never gonna change.... XiaoYao love Ling'er SOOO much that he can actually take his life at risk to give her the best support, protect and her from danger. He went throught so many hardship to find Ling'er when she wasn't beside him. Going to Snake Cave to find her, Zombie, Toad Demon, persuing all the way till ShouYaoTa... XiaoYao was actually just a normal villager at YuHungZhen. Love to firt around, playing non-stop and unserious in all matters (besides her aunt) .But Ling'er changed him almost completely. He turn into a responsible, serious, loyal and willing to sacrifice for his love ones.A person willing to change shows True Love.

As for Ling'er who she thought she was just a normal human being and suddenly knowing the fact that she is a Half-snake-half-human, the feeling is unable to describe and hard to bear. She went throught pain and sorrow when she decided to take the path to save NanZhao together with XiaoYao. Maybe things would be different if Ling'er went back to NanZhao together with ShiZhangLao or sent to a safe place by Jian Shen if she could have forgot XiaoYao. However,she chose to love XiaoYao, unable to forget him.

What make me feel so pity about this love chemistry is that the time they had together are so short. Only the starting when XiaoYao still remember Ling'er and when YiRu was borned. Everything ended so fast. Ling\'er sacrifice herself ultimately and leave XiaoYao alone in this world. Promise broken. Like what JinYuan's wife(Butterfly Demon) said 'Normally the one who still around has the most pain '.Haiz ~SAD~
Suppose the LOVE is a everlasting one, XiaoYao will forever love ONLY Ling'er. A memorable Love Chemistry.

By simms7 | email
At first, when I saw them, I realized that there is actually a couple that looked so cute together and fits each other perfectly. It's like the perfect package! As I watched the series, I realized that they are not only cute but also shares true love. Sure, at one time Xiao Yiao liked Yue Ru but in the end it's still Ling'er that he chose because they were fated to fall in love with each other. They showed true love to each other not by always hugging or other sweet gestures but instead they understood each other's destiny and responsibility. Instead of loving each other, they understood each other. That's probably the hardest things to do in this world. And Xiao Yiao did that for Ling'er even if it means to let go of her. Xiao Yiao may forget his memories but not his feelings. I believe he didn't fall in love with Ling'er again when he lost his memories. He just realized that he loves her even more even though he didn't understand it clearly because of his lost memories. Xiao Yiao didn't tell Ling'er all his hardships and sacrifices to save her because it is not necessary as long as he is with her. Ling'er changed Xiao Yiao into a more mature person. The one scene that touches me the most was when Ling'er was about to die. She hang on for her life because she doesn't want Xiao Yiao to be lonely in the world even if it means feeling pain in every step she takes. And Xiao Yiao, even though he doesn't want to be alone and doesn't want Ling'er to die, he let her go because he can't stand to see her in pain. I love this couple because they showed the true meaning of selfless love.

By RoyalGirl | email
I think that they are a much better couple than Yue Ru and Xiao Yao.
Ling'er is understanding to Xiao Yao than Yue Ru can.
Ling'er and Xiao Yao understands each other than Yue Ru can.

Xiao Yao said in the cave that he was willing to rescue Yue Ru from the blood monster first because he did not want to owe her anything anymore.
But for Ling'er he is willing to give up his life.

Ling'er and Xiao Yao is able to know what each other's thinking even if they do not talk to each other.

As many Yue Ru's supporters say that Yue Ru and Xiao Yao should belong together, I think that it is wrong. Ling'er and Xiao Yao met much before they met Yue Ru.

Ling'er and Xiao Yao were married on Deity Island and they should rightfully be together. Xiao Yao 'accepted' Yue Ru because he did not remember that he and Ling'er was already married until the 2 of them reached the last door inside Suo Yao Ta that was locking Ling'er inside.

Yue Ru was only the 2nd woman that passed by Xiao Yao's life. To Xiao Yao, Ling'er is still the love of his life. As they say, a drunk man says his heart-felt words.

A Nu went to ask him if he loved Ling'er or Yue Ru. He replied 'Of course it's Ling'er!'

So as you can see, Ling'er is and always be Xiao Yao's true love.

By Lily | email
I love this couple when they are together. I hope Ling'er can survive again so can she be with Xiao Yao.

By Xiao Jiao |
You know if you think about it...........I think Linger sacrificed more than anyone else............ I know she will sacrifice everything she had for Xiao Yao but fate put her in a position that she ca't do anything to help Xiao Yao, let alone living a normal life with him.............Think about it in a big pictire, Linger sacrificed more than Yue Ru.........She sacrificed her life .......... the life she could live with her most love one; Xiao Yao and Yi Ru.........just to save Nan Zhao.........while Yue Ru just sacrificed her life to save Xiao Yao from being sad and lonely [tat didnt help though LInger died anyway....hahaz].............anyway I think that Linger sacrificed more than Yue Ru because back than being a king or a queen or a princess is like being a father a mother or a sister to the people in ur nation/country and she sacrificed everything for her people even being with Xiao Yao and making him sad.........This is why I like Linger more than I like Yue Ru......I only feel bad for Yue Ru........I think that Linger represent a important figure for female because in movies you only see male being the heroes and sacrifice themself for everyone else.......but here u see a girl who is barely seventeen who have a child and sacrificed her love for her people.....that is something.......and for that I think she is the most unselfish person......and that is why I like Linger.


The love between Zhao Ling'er and Li Xiaoyao is so strong and bold. Both characters has this special point that is so inspiring and devoted! I just love the traits they have for each other, it's so cute when they tapped each other on the nose often to represent their feeling which most fans or viewer find most valuable and interesting about them. They both respect each other in so many different ways. I really love seeing them around each other because it is the sweetest or liveliest thing ever. THEY MATCH SO MUCH. OMG.....YOU CAN EXPLAIN THIS IN A THOUSAND WORDS. IF ITS WAS TO BE YUE RU AND XIAO YAO....YEAH I THINK IT WOULD ALSO BE SWEET BUT XIAO YAO ONLY SEE HER AS A BEST FWEN AND HE IS ALSO DEDICATED HIS LOVE TOWARD LING\'ER.I RESPECT THAT SO MUCH BECAUSE HE ACTUALLY STICKS TO HIS COMMITTMENT AND DID WHAT HE HAD TO DID. THATS WHATS SO COOL ABOUT XIAO YAO. I MEAN ISNT THAT WHATS LOVE IS ALL ABOUT...LOVE AND TENDERNESS?? THEY HAVE SO MANY SIMILIARITIES AND THATS WHATS A TRUE COUPLE IS ALL ABOUT.

By teolilian | email

In the drama, Xiao Yao is attracted to both Ling'er and Yue Ru but I think he loves Ling'er more than Yue Ru because Ling'er made so many sacrifices for Xiao Yao shouldn't he be grateful? If Xiao Yao hadn't met Yue Ru and not forget what happened on Xian Ling Dao, Ling'er and Xiao Yao would have been the most perfect couple. Anyway, I feel that Xiao Yao should not break up with Ling Er during the Inn episodes even though Ling'er insist on doing so. Xiao Yao have the rights to do what he wants. And I'm sure that he wouldn\'t want to break up with Ling'er for he love her so much. The most saddest part of the drama is the ending where Xiao Yao carries Ling'er in his arms. I felt that he should not tell Ling'er to close her eyes for he knows that once she does that she will pass away. Xiao Yao loves Ling'er so much that he is willing to let her go in order not to let her suffer. So touching!!! Xiao Yao and Ling'er : PERFECT COUPLE. Thats what true love is. They are the best couple!!!

By Tian Siang | email

The show is so sad that i almost cried during the last episode...:'( how i wished ling'er will not die... She and Xiao Yao are perfect match... Xiao Yao was very sad after the death of all his friends and loved ones one by one... And after Ling'er dies, he completely lost all his feelings... i reali pity him.... I wonder if there is a chance to turn back time...

By Alih | email

Li Xiaoyao and Zhao Ling'er are cute when you really look at them. I mean Hu Ge and Liu Yi Fei's physical appearance made Xiao Yao and Ling'er look like they were really real. Xiao Yao and Ling'er were just based on a Game but ever since Hu Ge and YiFei acted as "The Couples" , it seems like they really existed a long time ago.... It's like the story of Xian Jian is included in the Chinese History (even though the story was just made by a writer). We all know that Yue Ru came into Xiao Yao's Life and made Ling'er really jealous but even though Xiao Yao liked Yue Ru for just a short time, Ling'er was still Hurt. Still, I like the ending were Xiao Yao came back to Ling'er and they even got Yi Ru. It was really sad to see Ling'er dead and she even didn't got to be with her daughter, I mean she didn't even got to see her grow and smile and run like every child do. It really was a sad ending. Anyways, They were the best couple ever and they were the cutest too... Hope to see Chinese Paladin 2.. (How I wish)...

By soulawaken | email

I feel that Ling'er and Xiao Yao could be together because they had braved through all sort of danger and perservere on despite of obsticles. If not of Ling'er love for her country, they could be together forever. Though having a sad ending, it leaves great impression in all who watched the show and also told us the meaning of love. The love between Ling'er and Xiao Yao shook the heaven and earth. It was a pity they are destinied to part. But I believe that if this story had ever been real, they will meet again..