Liu Yifei 劉亦菲 Image Gallery

on 03 1, 2010

Welcome to the image gallery of Crystal Liu Yifei 劉亦菲. If you’d like to post any of these images elsewhere, please provide a credit link back to

Thank you and enjoy :)

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  1. mahsa says:

    i love you liuyifei you are very beautiful

  2. salai puihpuih says:

    She is my angel. I want to meet her once in my life..I know I can..and I will..

  3. Green Heart says:


  4. 陈诗渟 says:






    加油噢! 永远都支持你的

    小粉丝 @^^@

  5. vishal kumar says:

    hi…liu yi fei..
    you are very beautiful.
    i like you….very much are cute so much dear……

  6. vishal kumar says:

    hi dear how are you liu yi fei……..have a good day…. <3

  7. vishal kumar says:


    sooo cuteeeee

  8. eden says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…………you are so cute…….and beautiful………

  9. Nimi says:

    Hiiiii my love…
    You are really the most beautiful girl I’ve seen up to now.
    I love you…
    Would you contact me please?
    Please send an email to me… kisses…

  10. Ni hao..@-}– <3 @-}–

  11. Ashen says:

    Hello Miss Yi Fei, i think you are a very talented actress and love your movies. Very Beautiful as well. Best wishes :)

  12. zau hkawng says:

    I love you .LIU YI FIE. Because you are my life. I want to see you. It really.

  13. J.Khan says:

    I want to meet her once:D

  14. 陈伟志 (wai yan lin) says:


  15. Rose says:

    I might not be a person living in china but i love your movie
    Liu Yifei it is very romantic . Even though i young but i’m a very big fan of yours!!!!

  16. amin says:

    You are a so beautiful i love u Liu Yi Fei

  17. htetlinaung says:

    I love you so much.You are my dreamangel.I am very fond of your movies.I want to see you once in my life.

  18. Leon .LX ....myanmar says:

    I miss you…..crystal…i need you♥♥♥

  19. wilder trinidad says:

    A wonderful experience the images of Liu Yifei,wonderful totally,very precious…

  20. Wisnu Saputra says:

    i love you liuyifei you are very beautiful i like this

  21. 陈奇慜 says:


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