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Posted by on June 12th, 2010 | Category: Chinese Paladin Drama

A few days ago, the Jiang Hu Fansub group have finished subbing the entire Chinese Paladin 3 drama into English! This is exciting news especially for those who have yet to see the drama due to language barriers. I have found Chinese Paladin 3 to be superior to its first season Chinese Paladin in many aspects- so it’s definitely worth checking out!

If you’re like me and prefer to own a legal copy, the drama is also available for purchase through Yesasia. The Chinese Paladin 3 DVD contains English subtitles, Traditional and Simplified Chinese as well as Mandarin and Cantonese audio.

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Chinese Paladin 3 Characters
Chinese Paladin 3 Main Character Portraits. Click for larger view

EDIT: Sorry guys, all Megaupload download links no longer work and have been removed.


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  1. […] 3 with English subtitles, a complete fansub is now available for download courtesy of Jiang Hu. Click here for Chinese Paladin 3 direct download. I have not downloaded or watched any episodes subbed by this group, but I hear it’s hard […]

  2. AC says:

    having a bit of problem downloading ep32… megaupload stops after a few MB

  3. Shin Hyea says:

    Wow ! !
    thanx so much ! !
    i really wan download tis
    drama but not all blog can download ,
    THANX ! !

  4. MingTai says:

    thanks for this awesome drama just found it and its roxx

  5. hajmi2003 says:

    Thanks for upload this really fantastic series. It is funny and entertaining story. Thank you

  6. haikri says:

    thanks a lot…
    i like Li Xiao Yao

  7. shiki says:

    thx but you don’t cantonese audio

  8. Byakuren says:

    Hey! This is a great series but episodes 22 and 32 seem to be broken. I’m watching those episodes on Youtube, but please reupload them to help future Chinese Paladin 3 fans~ Thanks

  9. Andrew says:

    I can’t seen to access the subtitles to download them. Can someone confirm that the links are still active, or repost? Thanks.

    • khmerchef says:

      If the subs(like the video files) are on megaupload, then you’re out of luck. You’ve probably noticed already that megaupload was shutdown. =(

  10. Tony Ho says:

    Megaupload is blocked !!
    Could you up to link plz!

  11. Theo Tan says:

    Hi! I am unable to download the videos as iI am directed to a notice page. Please upload it to mediafire. Thanks! I am missing a few episodes and I would like to watch the whole series without any breakages.

  12. andi says:

    could u please be so kind and reupload the episodes to otherfilehosting site as we all know what happened to megaupload

  13. Angel says:

    Can’t download the movie? So sad. I really wanna watch it, but it says something about copyrighted things.

  14. babymickey98 says:

    Hi! as megaupload doesnt work, could you pls upload it on another site pls. been waiting for this for a long time!!! or could you at least email the subtitles or post it up. as for the other comenters, if you have the file, could you pls share it?

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