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This page is dedicated to those who I wish to thank for their kindness and support for [Fairy and Swordsman]. A special thanks to K for TVB for helping me promote this fanlisting since its establishment. It's always hard starting out and she helped me even though she wasn't a fan of Zhao Ling'er and Li Xiao Yao pairing (She prefers Lin Yue Ru). I'd also like to thank members from crystal-yifei.net and Xiaoyao and Ling'er supporters from Asianfanatics.net Forum. Seeing the support and love you had for this couple really kept me motivated. Finally, a never-ending appreciation to our active members in our Xian Jian Fan Club (English Forum). Thanks for staying by, helping out other fans and keeping the community alive.


Recently we've recruited a few dedicated fans to blog about Chinese Paladin related articles/news/stories. A huge thanks to Rich and Evility who has kindly offered their time to expand Fairy and Swordsman

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