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Here are the most commonly asked questions I get related to Chinese Paladin/Xian Jian Qi Xia Zhuan!

Q:Isn't this game called Xian Jian? What's "PAL"? What other names are given?
There are a few names given to this game and TV drama (official and unofficial) which you may have encountered:

Xian Jian Qi Xia Zhuan/ XianJian QiXia Zhuan - Official Chinese title of game and drama
Note: Literally "XianJian" is Magical Sword (or "Fairy" Sword), "QiXia" is Paladin, "Zhuan" is Legend

The Legend of the Sword and Fairy- English title of Game
PAL- Game file "pal.exe" of the DOS/95 version. 'Pal" is short for "Paladin"
Chinese Paladin - English name for the TV Drama/Series
Chinese Paladin Online - Official name for the MMORPG
The Magic Sword & The Chivalrous Youngsters - Popular title for the game
Senken Kikyouden - Japanese title
Kiem Tien Ky Hiep- Vietnamese title for the series
Paladin Legend - English title of the 2022 TV remake

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Q: What does Xiao Yao mean at the end when he said "Do you understand?" to the Sword Saint? He calls Xiao Yao "child", is he Xiao Yao's father?
A: This question has been asked a lot, but Calcifer has come up with a reasonable response to this. "I personally thought what Xiao Yao meant by "do you understand" was "do you understand what it feels like to be left behind?" He talked about this with Yue Ru at one point (middle of Ep 22 when they were discussing what Cai Yi, the butterfly spirit, said), and he said he didn't want Yue Ru to know that kind of pain. Ling'er also said something along the same lines before she died, that the one left behind goes through the most pain. Now Xiao Yao's the one left behind, and he asks Sword Saint if he understands, since Sword Saint apparently tried to stop all this from happening."
The Sword Saint is definitely not Xiaoyao's father. Xiaoyao's father is Li San Si and is an actual character in the game prequel XianJian QiXia Zhuan 3A.

Q: Where can I buy Chinese Paladin with English subtitles?
A: You can buy the Chinese Paladin DVD here from YESASIA! It has English Subtitles, Mandarin and Cantonese audio. Grab a copy today!

Q: Where can I download Chinese Paladin Cantonese dubbed?
Unfortunately I don't think this is available online. However, it is available for purchase.

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Q: Where can I download the game?
A: All versions of the game, sequels and prequel is available in Chinese for download, which you may find in our forum. You must register in the forum to access the download section. There is no official English release of the game, though fans have created a patch for the PAL 95 version for download. Currently a project is underway for the NEW PAL XP version to be made in English. If you'd like to help out with the translation, please visit our forum :)

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Q: Can I direct link your images and files?
A: Please, no. Don't do it, it is stealing my bandwidth which I paid for. You may use the images, given that you follow the guidelines; credit link back and upload in your own server. That's all I ask, really :)

Q: I like your site, can we swap links/affiliate?
A: I'm always open for affiliations :) If you have a similar or related site/forum, please get in touch!

Q: Are you the owner of this site? Do you run it with other people?
A: This site is created and maintained by Chibi Jennifer. You may check out the 'Credits and Thanks' page for other detail.

Q: Isn't this a Chinese Paladin fansite? How come it's mainly Hu Ge and Liu Yifei? What about the other characters?
A: This fansite/fanlisting is a tribute to Li Xiaoyao and Zhao Ling'er. So yes, the site is for them. However, I also cover general Chinese Paladin/XianJian QiXia Zhuan news and articles. Consider it as a little bonus :)

Q: How did you make this website?
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Q: What program do you use to create your graphics?
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