Chinese Paladin Drama and Game Comparison

There are quite a few major and minor differences between the original game and drama adaptation. Here is a comparison chart in relation to Li Xiaoyao and Zhao Ling'er.

Xian Jian Game (PAL)

Chinese Paladin Drama

-When Xiao Yao first saw Ling'er bathing, he takes her clothing and tries to use it as a medium of exchange for medicine for his sick Aunty. -Xiao Yao doesn't use the clothing as an exchange, but is still noticed by Ling'er who tells him to not look.
- This is the first time Xiao Yao and Ling'er meet. - Ling'er has already met Xiao Yao 10 years ago, a hero who saved her and promised to return.
- Xiao Yao was forced to marry Ling'er because Lao Lao who was a snake demon threatened to eat him up. -Lao Lao (who wasn't a demon) asked Xiao Yao to marry Ling Er in exchange for the medicine for his Aunty. He reluctantly agreed, but as the ceremony proceeded, he stopped it since he felt bad that he would ruin Ling'er's life.
- After the wedding ceremony, Xiao Yao tries to find a way to escape Xian Ling Dao and return home to give his Aunty medicine. Ling'er is saddened that he will leave, and feels it is likely he will forget her. Xiao Yao claims that they are married and he will never abandon her. - Xiao Yao and Ling'er reach an understanding, and the two spend a night together. Ling'er casts a spell on Xiao Yao's hand; the word 'ling' would appear if he loves her.
-Xiao Yao leaves Ling'er the next morning while Lao Lao wasn't there. He promises he'll come back for her and bring her to his Aunty once she has recovered. - Xian Ling Dao is attacked the next morning just as Xiao Yao was about to leave. Ling'er sends him away while she stayed back as Lao Lao was severely injured by the Bai Yue Sect. 
- Xiao Yao loses his memory of Ling'er once he gave the medicine to his Aunty. The pill Xiao Yao consumed earlier automatically erased his memory after Xiao Yao feeds the medicine to his aunt. - Previously, without thinking, Xiao Yao consumed a pill given by the Bai Yue Sect. That was in fact used against him which erased all his memory of being to Xian Ling Dao. This took effect however, after the Bai Yue Sect started chanting.
-Xiao Yao frees Ling'er and they both fight together against the 3 people from the Bai Yue Clan. They claim she is the princess of Nan Zhao Guo. - Xiao Yao frees Ling'er, but both of them run away and is saved by Drunken Sword Master. No mentions of Ling'er being a princess.
-Ling'er doesn't mention much about the marriage, as she was unaware Xiao Yao lost memory of her. She is saddened that he is acting unfamiliar. -Ling'er claims she was married to Xiao Yao, but he refuses to believe. She realises through Lao Lao that he has lost his memory due to a pill.
-No such move exists. - Xiao Yao and Ling'er have a nose tapping move, indicating their love for each other.
-Lao Lao was buried so Ling'er didn't have her ashes. -Ling'er carries Lao Lao's ashes in a container and brings it along in their journey. It breaks and Xiao Yao comforts her.
- Xiao Yao and Ling'er fight together against Yue Ru. -Only Xiao Yao fights, Ling'er frees the two victim.
-No signs of doubt between Jin Yuan and Ling'er. - Xiao Yao thinks Jin Yuan is being particularly friendly with Ling'er and gets overly jealous and somewhat angry.
-Xiao Yao doesn't mention not marrying Yue Ru, in fact he wasn't aware of it and just wanted to teach her a lesson. -During the fighting-marriage contest, Xiao Yao states to everyone even if he wins, he will never take Yue Ru as his wife.
-Ling'er turns into a half human half snake, and is last seen by Xiao Yao and Yue Ru. -Ling'er turns into a half human half snake and out of fear runs away. She was last seen by Jin Yuan.
-No signs of people pressuring her to leave Xiao Yao. -Constant signs of people pressuring her and telling her to leave Xiao Yao.
-It doesn't show any sign of Ling'er coming out. In fact, we don't know what Ling'er was doing during her disappearance. -Ling'er wanted to meet up with Xiao Yao but sees Xiao Yao tapping Yue Ru's nose. This saddens her and she decides not to see him.
-People ordered by Shi Zhang Lao have come for Ling'er, and Xiao Yao and Yue Ru are captured while they were trying to rescue the nurse. To free them, Ling'er agrees to go with them. - Shi Zhang Lao has captured the local nurse. In exchange for the nurse, they asked for Ling'er.
- Inn episodes do not occur and Xiao Yao and Ling'er don't break up. -Xiao Yao and Ling'er break up during the Inn episodes.
-Ling'er is captured by Sword Saint and placed into the Demon Locking Tower, guarded by 7 powerful dragons. He claims she is a demon and is dangerous to society. - Ling'er is taken away by Sword Saint, placed in the Demon Locking Tower to protect her from outsiders.
-Xiao Yao sees Ling'er's true form and is frightened. Ling Er recites lines of poetry and he remembers everything that happened in Xian Ling Dao. -Before Xiao Yao reached Ling'er, he suddenly remembered everything and rushes to her. He sees her in her Nuwa form, but doesn't care at all. Ling'er is unconscious.
-Xiao Yao says that the three of them (Ling'er, Yue Ru and himself) will stay together forever. - There is conflict and Xiao Yao doesn't know what to do with Yue Ru.
- After the 3 destroy the 7 Dragons protecting the tower- it starts to crumble. While they were trying to escape, a part of the tower falls onto Yue Ru, killing her in the process. - There are no dragons but there was a curse. It's either two or none will make it out alive- there must be one person sacrificed. Yue Ru pushes the other two away and is killed.
- In order to save Ling'er, Xiao Yao must obtain the Phoenix Egg Shell and the Horn of Qilin - To save Ling'er he obtains the remaining elemental pearls.
- Does not happen since they officially married in the beginning. - Xiao Yao and Ling'er finish their last bow from the wedding ceremony.
- Ling'er has a baby and she names her Yi Ru in memory of Yue Ru. - Ling'er has a baby, and both Xiao Yao and Ling'er name her Yi Ru.
- The Water Demon combined with Bai Yue obtains Ling'er's blood and becomes invincible. Without any choice, Ling'er commits suicide with it. - Xiao Yao defeats Bai Yue and Ling'er fought the water demon. Due to severe internal injures, Ling'er dies in Xiao Yao's arms.
- Doesn't exist. - Red dandelions are a symbolic flower Ling'er likes.

Credit to: LightBrand and Whistler for corrections.