The Legend of Sword and Fairy Comic

The Legend of Sword and Fairy comic/manga (XianJian QiXia Zhuan) is very faithful to its game counter-part. These images are selected-scenes specifically devoted to Ling'er and Xiaoyao, and pages read from right to left. These were scanned by Jinny (2000) and were obtained from To see the full image, simply click on the thumbnails.

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[Chapter Covers]

Images featuring Ling'er and Xiao Yao.

[Xian Ling Dao]

This is where Li Xiaoyao first stumbles across Ling'er bathing in Xian Ling Dao. He sees her clothing on the side and uses it as a mean to get her to give him the medicine to save his Aunty. She tells him to turn away and let her put on her clothes, but as soon as she was done, she starts throwing thunder bolts at him. Xiaoyao apologises for his indecency but tells her of his Aunt's illness. Touched by Xiaoyao's filial heart, Ling'er agrees to give the medicine, and she takes him into her place. Unfortunately, Ling'er's Lao Lao came back and found the intruder, who she was not pleased one bit. Ling'er reluctantly told Lao Lao what had happened, and that she had brought him in herself. A very angry Lao Lao turns into a half human half snake, and threatens Xiaoyao to take responsibility. She gave him two choices, one was to marry Ling'er and never leave Xian Ling Dao, or be eaten on the spot so the secret won't be let out. Obviously he didn't want to die, and agreed. That night, Xiaoyao asks Ling'er to help him escape, and she does; even though she was saddened he was going to leave her, and probabaly forget her. Xiaoyao reassures her that he is her husband and he will never adbandon her. The two share a night together and the next morning when he departs, he promises her once his Aunty recovers, he will come back to officially marry her.

[Discovery and death of Lao Lao]

This is when Xiaoyao had lost memory of Ling'er and finds her tied up in his room. The Bai Yue people who captured her found out Xiaoyao had freed her and they start a fight. Ling'er, who is all in tears tells him that Xian Ling Dao was attacked, and that Lao Lao was in danger. Although Xiaoyao didn't know who she was, or what was going on, he did as she asked. Having travelled back to Xian Ling Dao, they discover the near-death Lao Lao who gives her last few words. She wanted Xiaoyao to protect Ling'er and take her back to Nan Zhao Guo to find her mother. After the funeral, Xiaoyao takes her in and tells her he won't leave her all alone. After some time, the two reach another Town.


The climax of the story, where after a long separation, Xiaoyao finds Ling'er tied up to a sword in the Demon Locking Tower. At this moment, he also finds out her true identity as a half snake and half human (decendant of the goddess Nuwa). He was very shocked and didn't want to believe it, but it was also this moment that he remembered everything that had happened in Xian Ling Dao. Both in tears of joy and sorrow, the two finally reunite. Ling'er feels bad for Yue Ru who didn't have any knowledge of this, but Yue Ru in return apologises to Ling'er, hoping she wouldn't mind her being with Xiao Yao all this time. The three of them are overjoyed and wishes to stay with each other forever.


Now in Nan Zhao Guo, Xiaoyao had just returned with the items needed to heal the injured and pregnant Ling'er. Soon after her recovery, Ling'er gave birth to their child which she named 'Yi Ru'. She wanted their child to be in memory of Yue Ru who had sacrificed her life for them.


The tragic ending for Ling'er and Xiao Yao... Ling'er sacrificed her life to suicide with the water demon, leaving Xiaoyao in tears and despair.