New Crystal Liu Yifei images added to the Gallery

Posted by on July 21st, 2018 | Category: Actor's News

Hihi! It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Today I’ve added 50 new photos of the gorgeous Crystal Liu Yifei to the gallery. Is everyone else excited about Yifei being cast in Disney’s Mulan? I certainly am :D 

In the meantime, enjoy these eye candy :)

New Liu Yifei Photos

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  1. Lightbrand says:

    Crystal Liu is honestly the only person I would ever describe as someone who should smile more.

    This is coming off the not-long-ago Captain Marvel controversy when actress Brie Larsen never smiled in the Captain Marvel trailers or posters which some fans requested she should smile more but I always thought her neutral expression was fine.

    Crystal however – even in the only work I’ve seen her in, XJ – she was great as LingEr early on in the story up until her “kidnapping” to the Snake Den where unfortunately everything went downhill for our heroes, especially so for LingEr now that she found out she’s pregnant and made aware of her bloodline/duty as Nuwa descendant etc. Also not to mention the Inn episodes again.

    So it made sense narrative-wise for LingEr to smile less and less as the need for her rapid “maturation” was forced upon her, which is understandably all the more tragic. It’s just Crystal’s neutral face made things look even worse than they already is.

    Even in these photos the question I’m dying to ask is: “is everything all right?”

    Since I never follow the celebrities in the industry I don’t know who else they could’ve chosen for Mulan, but I always liked Li BingBing back 15 years ago, or take this opportunity to discover some unknown actress like they did with Tomb Raider movie, which Disney seemed to be doing would with Aladdin. But I think they may have made this choice on Crystal more carefully consider the Chinese audience and box office.

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