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  1. mahsa says:

    i love you liuyifei you are very beautiful

  2. salai puihpuih says:

    She is my angel. I want to meet her once in my life..I know I can..and I will..

  3. Green Heart says:


  4. 陈诗渟 says:






    加油噢! 永远都支持你的

    小粉丝 @^^@

  5. vishal kumar says:

    hi…liu yi fei..
    you are very beautiful.
    i like you….very much are cute so much dear……

  6. vishal kumar says:

    hi dear how are you liu yi fei……..have a good day…. <3

  7. vishal kumar says:


    sooo cuteeeee

  8. eden says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…………you are so cute…….and beautiful………

  9. Nimi says:

    Hiiiii my love…
    You are really the most beautiful girl I’ve seen up to now.
    I love you…
    Would you contact me please?
    Please send an email to me… kisses…

  10. Ni hao..@-}– <3 @-}–

  11. Ashen says:

    Hello Miss Yi Fei, i think you are a very talented actress and love your movies. Very Beautiful as well. Best wishes :)

  12. zau hkawng says:

    I love you .LIU YI FIE. Because you are my life. I want to see you. It really.

  13. J.Khan says:

    I want to meet her once:D

  14. 陈伟志 (wai yan lin) says:


  15. Rose says:

    I might not be a person living in china but i love your movie
    Liu Yifei it is very romantic . Even though i young but i’m a very big fan of yours!!!!

  16. amin says:

    You are a so beautiful i love u Liu Yi Fei

  17. htetlinaung says:

    I love you so much.You are my dreamangel.I am very fond of your movies.I want to see you once in my life.

  18. Leon .LX ....myanmar says:

    I miss you…..crystal…i need you♥♥♥

  19. wilder trinidad says:

    A wonderful experience the images of Liu Yifei,wonderful totally,very precious…

  20. Wisnu Saputra says:

    i love you liuyifei you are very beautiful i like this

  21. 陈奇慜 says:


  22. […] It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Today I’ve added 50 new photos of the gorgeous Crystal Liu Yifei to the gallery. Is everyone else excited about Yifei being cast in Disney’s Mulan? I […]

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