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Wow, almost half way through the year! I thought I’d put this post together to catch up with those who follow this blog :) (How many of there are you?) If you’re a frequent visitor of this site, make sure to drop a line!

I’ve been posting all our site updates on our facebook fanpage. Please ‘like’ us and be part of our page :D! You’re also free to share any fun Chinese Paladin related content with other fans!

Fairy and Swordsman on facebook

Actor’s News: Hu Ge and Liu Yifei

Actress Crystal Liu Yifei has been in the media recently for her promotions since the premiere of “A Chinese Ghost Story” 2011 remake.

Check out all these media coverage we’ve posted about:
Liu Yifei in Taiwan to promote A Chinese Ghost Story
[A Chinese Ghost Story] Kaoshiung Red Carpet Premiere
Liu Yifei wearing hanbok promoting A Chinese Ghost Story
A Chinese Ghost Story sweeps China Box Office on first week

I have yet to watch the movie, since the film doesn’t screen in Sydney unfortunately. However, I’ll probably grab it on DVD when it comes out :) For the meantime, we can all look forward to Yifei’s two upcoming movies:
The Four Great Detectives 2011 四大名捕 (currently filming) and White Vengeance 鸿门宴 (yet to film)

New photos of  Liu Yifei from the L’Officiel magazine can be found here.

News on Hu Ge has been a little more quiet, though it is confirmed he will be taking part in another Tangren drama! The drama is titled “Xuan-Yuan Sword 3 Scar Of Sky” 轩辕剑三外传之天之痕 which is based on an RPG created by the same company as XianJian QiXia Zhuan! I’ll post more about this when more information and photos become available :)

XianJian QiXia Zhuan 5/ Legend of Sword and Fairy 5

We’ve been posting a lot on XianJian Qi Xia Zhuan 5 recently, as the game is coming out on 7th July 2011! The team behind the game has been releasing many new images and media to us fans. It’s a little tricky trying to catch up with them, haha.

For those who do not live in China, the game is still available for pre-order over at and It’s worth checking out, though the games are not available in English :(

Other Goodies and Downloads

The Song Downloads page has been updated with additional songs from other Chinese TV drama (Many thanks to Ron for sending them in!) I’m planning to add more songs that are related to Hu Ge and Liu Yifei in one way or another (mostly soundtracks from movies/drama’s they’ve participated in) So look forward to that too!

And..I think that’s it for now! It turned out to be quite a lengthy post, since so much has been happening.

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