[A Chinese Ghost Story 倩女幽魂] 2010 starring Liu Yifei, Louis Koo, Yu Shaoqun

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Hong Kong actor Fan Shaohuang (Louis Fan) revealed on his mini-blog that director Wilson Yip is currently shooting his new film “A Chinese Ghost Story” (Qian Nyu You Hun) in Shanghai. Chinese actress Liu Yifei will play the lead female character ‘Nie Xiaoqian’.

Liu Yifei’s agent has confirmed the information. “The Forbidden Kingdom” actress was originally reported to play ‘Nie Xiaoqian’ as early as last year. Other cast members include Hong Kong actor Louis Koo who will be playing Yin Chek Ha, and Chinese mainland actor Yu Shaoqun the young Peking opera master, ‘Mei Lanfang’, from the film “Forever Enthralled.”

Yip says he aims to put his own spin on the familiar story. It will not be a sequel, but rather a brand-new story, employing new elements such as computer-generated special effects.

The original story, written by 17th-century Chinese author Pu Songling, tells a love story between a tax collector, Ning Caichen, and a ghost named Nie Xiaoqian. The story has been adapted to the big screen many times before, with probably the most well-known version to date being the Tsui Hark production which featured superstars Leslie Cheung and Joey Wong.

Qian Nyu You Hun “A Chinese Ghost Story” Press Release Conference

A press release conference was held at the Great Hall of the People, Beijing on July 1 2010.
The following guests appeared in the event: Liu Yifei, Yu Shaoqun, Louis Koo, Louis Fan, Kara Hui, Elvis Tsui, Miumiu Gong

A Chinese Ghost Story Press Release

Louis Koo and Liu Yifei

A Chinese Ghost Story

A Chinese Ghost Story 2010 Cast

Louis Koo and Liu Yifei

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Sources: english.cri.cn, Crystal-yifei.net

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  1. cinamatic says:

    Chinese cinema these days are horrible. The original Chinese Ghost Story is epic and great as it is and now they want to ruin it with “new elements” and computer generated graphics. CRAP! Look at Flirting Scholar 2 and that crap movie Shaolin Soccer Girl or whatever it’s called. I know these aren’t remakes but the were made to try and capitalize on the money potential only to flop. My guess is that they’re not going to put any thought into the story and hope for the stars to make the sale. What a bunch of turd directors and producers these days. Yeah, I said it.

  2. yen lu says:

    where joey wong, when you needed. surely she ain’t that old for the role.

  3. A new age, another version. Dosen’t mean the Joey Wang version will be destroyed. We’ll have both, and that’s great. When the new blossoms emerge in spring, we don’t look down on them because of what we had previously; we welcome and embrace them as something beautiful to behold.

  4. LiNkWuVeR says:

    Hey, do you know when this is gonna be released?

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