“I Will Not Be a Hero” 【我不做英雄】 plagarised JAM Project’s “Negai”?

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Dreaming of Deer and Caudron

Promotional poster for upcoming movie “Dreaming of Deer and the Cauldron”

Having recently heard the theme song to Dreaming of Deer and the Cauldron – “I Will Not Be a Hero” 【我不做英雄】 performed by Hu Ge, I naturally decided to share it with my boyfriend. Upon hearing it for the first time, he actually recognised the tune from one of his favourite bands! The melody is very similar to “Negai“, performed by the very popular Japanese group “JAM Project”.

“I Will Not Be a Hero” 【我不做英雄】 is a song composed by Yan Yidan 嚴藝丹, who is also responsible for the Meteor Shower OST and Happy Camp album among others. However, after hearing JAM Project’s “Negai” I’m starting to wonder if it’s actually original.

JAM Project NOAH Single

Single: NOAH
Release Date:    Apr 27, 2011
Published by    Lantis / 株式会社ランティス / Lantis
Composed by    Hironobu Kageyama / 影山ヒロノブ, Masami Okui / 奥井雅美
Arranged by    R・O・N, Hijiri Anze / 安瀬聖
Performed by    JAM Project

Tracklist :

2. Negai
3. NOAH (off vocal)
4. Negai (off vocal)

As you can see, the song was released several months before while this song only came out this month. The main tune isn’t the same, but the start, middle and end has a striking resemblance.  Have a listen to both and judge for yourself. Perhaps the song was merely an inspiration or a complete co-incidence….but the similarity is hard to ignore.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think they’re similar? Post below and let us know!


Song Downloads

Download: “I Will Not Be A Hero” 【我不做英雄】

Download: JAM Project’s Single NOAH (Password: michyko.com)

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  1. ToaKarou says:

    Just a passing through user here =)

    I’m a JAM Project fan and I can’t help but notice the similarities are so apparent it’s hard to ignore… I won’t judge if this is plagarism, but I won’t be surprised if it isn’t at least inspired by Negai.

    Still… It kind of disturbs me. ><;

  2. David says:


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