Pal/Xian Jian English translation 100%

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Re: Pal/Xian Jian English translation 100%

Post by Rich »

Shushan wrote:Is there a work in progress version that we can play-test?
Yes, here: ... f=9&t=1006

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Re: Pal/Xian Jian English translation 100%

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I have done a complete revamp of the translation of all the spells and consumable items, much better than the one done by Xire, as I found most of the spells to be poorly translated and some weren't at all or were only pinyin. Not saying that Xire's translation on the game text were bad (they were good), but the spells and items could use much better improvement.
I don't have time to translate the equippable items yet, as there are simply too many items to translate.
For example some edits:

Original Chinese name/Xire's version/my version
御剑术 / ShuSword / SwordRain
腥风血雨 / (not translated) / BloodyWind
三昧真火 / FireIII / Ghostfire
炎杀咒 / (not translated) / HellPyre
御剑伏魔 / (not translated) / Tempest
佛法无边 / (not translated) / Judgment
镇天鼎 / (not translated) / HeavenBell
十里香 / SLX / DarkMist
驱魔香 / QMX / HolyMist

For people wondering how to get some of these spells (as normally characters can't learn them), only way is to use the editor.
Will upload later after some fixes.

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Re: Pal/Xian Jian English translation 100%

Post by Pantamorph »

Last Fencer, please be here in Autumn! :|
Translating the DOS game is something I want to do the most for about 2 years, in order to popularize one of the best RPGs to the non-chinese speaking public, and in order to keep things close to the original plot I'm gonna need all the help I can get with the chinese text once I get my laptop back!

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