fan made RPG Inuyasha ~TAMASHI~

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fan made RPG Inuyasha ~TAMASHI~

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The game is a fan made RPG based on Japanese anime/manga "Inuyasha". The story can be considered a parallel line to the original creation with a different ending, dedicated to Inuyasha&Kikyo fans.

After Kikyo was killed by Naraku, Inuyasha and his friends had the final battle with Naraku. Naraku was killed and the Shikon jewel disappeared at the same time. When everyone was thinking this is over, something unexpected happened. The connection in the Bone-eater well disappeared and she cannot get back anymore. And Miroku's health starts to deteriorate from Naraku's remaining poison. In desperation, Inuyasha started a new journey trying to change all this tragedy.

Comments: This game was released as Chinese version in 2008 at Back then when the storyline was written, the manga hadn't ended yet. The purpose of the game is to provide some conciliation for Inuyasha&Kikyo fans since the original story was really sad for them. (However you need to work hard for the good ending LOL) This is a translated version of the game with some minor modifications.

Controllable characters:
Inuyasha, Kikyo, Koga

game website (info, game guide etc, still under construction)
Please check out the trailer of the game on youtube

140MB zip file v1.1
Please install the "simhei.ttf" font file included in the zip file for best performance

v1.1 update
1.Fix some mis-spelling and gramma errors
2.Fix possible glitches in Kikyo's demon detection
3.Fix good ending requirements
4.Fix some other minor problems
5.Update gameover picture (resource credit: Dan Mt.)
6.New special skill for Inuyasha

Producer: doranikofu
English Translation: doranikofu, WriterDeity8 ,dragon, Yolanda Lin
Original CG artist: antique
Text import/export code for English translation: trentswd
Debug (EN ver.): Innocentsake, darknessfalls
Special Thanks: Pantamorph, kagura

Graphic resources are mostly from:
Inuyasha related games (BANDAI, AVEX mode)
RMXP RGSS (Enterbrain)
Sengoku Shojo 2 (TGL)
Xuanyuan Sword series (SOFTSTAR)
Chinese Paladin series (SOFTSTAR)
Heroine Anthem (Thunder)

Audio Resources
Inuyasha OST and related games (BANDAI, AVEX mode)
Xuanyuan Sword series (SOFTSTAR)
Chinese Paladin series (SOFTSTAR)
RMXP RGSS (Enterbrain)

more info at (contains Chinese characters) ... on/credits

There might be glitches and bugs in the game. Reporting problems/suggestions are welcomed and highly appreciated.
You can reply to this post for any questions/problems or go to any of the following links

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Re: fan made RPG Inuyasha ~TAMASHI~

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Ah cool, I recalled seeing this somewhere when I was searching for Pal 95 LOL.

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