A new/old discovery

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A new/old discovery

Post by Lightbrand »

Well some might have known this since it was discovered quite some time ago (new to me since I haven't been keeping update about Xian Jian for quite a few years now).

Well anyway the story begins with NewPal. When we first snuck out to the temple at night to meet the Drunken Sword Master, we actually get to hear what he sounded like when he did his poem...

To think what a disappointment it was when Ling Er's poem didn't get any voice-over...Did it simply not have one, or is it something else?

Well, after messing around with the files, people were able to extract out these 2 sound files which I'm about to share with you...


As a proof of the importance of background music, you should have
in the background while listening to 既不.wav since that's the music in the game when Ling Er said it.

Not sure what was the background music for 仙靈.wav which was when Ling Er was tied on the pole before Xiao Yao remembered.
I find
working pretty well.

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Post by ryshi »

In NewPal, are there voices? is this the voice for when they read a poem? who else besides the drunken master are there voices?
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Post by Whistler »

^ there are no voices in NewPAL except the two poems of the drunken sword. The voices of LE's poems (which is posted here) were left out of the game script (but still exist in data files).

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