The Young Warriors TV Original Soundtrack

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The Young Warriors TV Original Soundtrack

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The Young Warriors TV Original Soundtrack
1.Nan'er Dang Zijiang (男兒當自強; A Man Should Better Himself)
2.Juebie Shi (訣別詩; Farewell Poem) performed by Anson Hu
3.Wu (悟; Realize)
4.Yuezou Yueyuan (越走越遠; Farther and Farther) performed by Zhao Mo
5.Yanmenguan (雁門關; Yanmen Pass)
6.Fuxiu (拂袖; Whisk Sleeves) performed by Ann Hu
7.Xiaobamei (小八妹; Little Eighth Sister)
8.Juebie Shi (訣別詩 - 演奏曲; Farewell Poem - Instrumental version)
9.Gaosu Ta Wo Ai Ta (告訴她我愛她; Tell Her I Love Her) performed by Hu Ge
10.Jinzhi Yuye (金枝玉葉; Blue Blood)
11.Shuangshou De Wenrou (雙手的溫柔; Gentle Hands) performed by Wu Yingzai
12.Qingquan (清泉; Clear Springs)
13.Yuezou Yueyuan (越走越遠 - 演奏曲; Farther and Farther - Instrumental version)
14.Ershi Nian (二十年; Twenty Years) performed by Zhang Mengmeng
15.Ling Jing (靈靜; Haven of Silence)


Uploaded by Ron
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Re: The Young Warriors TV Original Soundtrack

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Hey, Hey. Hi, I'm Ron. I am the one who asked Jennifer to add The Young Warriors TV soundtrack in this website despite it is not Chinese Paladin related, even though I know some are Hu Ge's fans so I'm guessing some would add this and Fairy from Wonderland TV soundtrack to their collections.

Hope you guys like them.


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