Who sacrificed more?

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Who sacrificed more for XiaoYao?

Ling Er
Yue Ru
Total votes: 59

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Re: Who sacrificed more?

Post by xiaoyaoli_lingerli »

well if its for xiaoyao and not for anything else....Lin Yue Ru sacrificed her life to assure herself that Li Xiao Yao would surely live cause she believed because she was a martyr to the other two,and that one of them would surely die.... which was lame, while Linger Sacrificed her hapiness to have a family with xiaoyao and to live with him till they die to save a country..
well for me ... if i am asked who sacrificed more FOR XIAOYAO........
i think its a close call for, the 2 leading ladies are martyrs for the hapiness of others behind them.... and i really cant choose cause i think sacrifing isnt something to be measured....

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Re: Who sacrificed more?

Post by kevinlinus »

Based on the question in the poll, I think it would be Yue Ru, because to die for someone who will be with someone else, is a bit like ultimate sacrifice

As for general, who sacrifice more? I think its not Ling Er. Yes, Ling Er dies because she beats the sea demon, but its AH NU & TANG YU who sacrifice most, because without them, even Ling Er & XY couldnt defeat Bai Yue

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