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Re: I hate it

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The problem with YueRu in the drama when compared to the game (and why people generally dislike the drama version) is this:

If there's any way to say this without sounding misogynistic, here I go. Consider YueRu's character, being the only child and daughter of a martial art household well known in the south in that era of China.

As with any aristocratic family, the eldest son will be raised to one day take over as the head of the family. In a martial arts household such as this he'd be taught the family style techniques. The girls will be no doubt taught at a very young age of how to behave like a proper lady, such as what things a maiden can say and what things she probably shouldn't say. They'll also be taught to how to properly present herself to others in a graceful, dignified manner. Remember the story takes place in the old days where women will almost always defer to men when it comes to decisions, rarely RARELY do they openly defies and bickers back as it's considered unseemly and undisciplined by the household when seen by others.

YueRu however, was taught all that, including family style martial arts, except she still cannot be the heiress, she has to marry a qualified youngster with equal if not better martial arts prowess and HE'll become the family head. (Although he'll have to change his last name to that of Lin, which at the time is considered pretty shameful for the boy's family. But that's the cost of marrying someone of higher status and climbing the social ladder.)

So for YueRu growing up, there was never a situation for her to display her feminine qualities. The maids/butlers can't talk back to her, her dad let's her do whatever, she doesn't have any brothers (if she did, she wouldn't be the way she is now), her cousin JinXuang also defers to her because he likes her. So now we get a YueRu who's this "tomboy" who's too used to doing whatever she wants without a care.

But here comes XiaoYao...
Their relationship started out on the wrong foot right away. XiaoYao is shocked at how a girl can behave in such terrible manners (as opposed to the soft spoken and kind Ling Er or any of the other girls in his village who was brought up properly). Meanwhile YueRu is shocked that there exists a guy who doesn't tolerate her crap. Hilarity ensues.

However, this didn't last long in the game. Because as soon as YueRu lost to XiaoYao on the stage, she grew to like him. I'm sure the YueRu in the drama did as well. But as I've said before, she never got a chance to display her feminine side because there was never a guy she sees worthy of her respect (besides her father) XiaoYao is the first man whose judgement she trusts and is fine with listening and obedient without complaints. In the game she did exactly that, while she isn't as "sweet" per se as the other heroines, she more than enough makes up for it with her own charm, competence and loyalty, in many ways YueRu is the perfect girlfriend/companion to take for an adventure such as this, travel the world together, improving their skills and abilities, taste all the delicacies places can offer them. Whereas I always felt LingEr is someone you would choose to live a quiet, secluded, almost celestial life with, away from all of the hate and bloodshed of the world (so no adventure). But anyways, that's how YueRu in the game was able to enchant as many male fans as she did (it comes with the feeling of taming a fierce girl who's mean to everybody until you came along).

In the drama, that never happened, she likes XiaoYao, yet her "bad" attitude continues up to the demon tower and we never got an explanation ask to why she still has to put down everything XiaoYao says or do. It seems in the drama this is just who she is and nobody's going to change that, I don't know how XiaoYao can live with that (or even seems to enjoy it) but that was a turn-off for a lot of fans, myself included. It was just overall unpleasant.

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Re: I hate it

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Nice write-up Lightbrand! And I agree. I really didn't like the fact Yueru continued to be so annoying towards Xiaoyao..
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Re: I hate it

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nicely written. 8)
And so glad you are still in the forum :D , I thought all of you dont go to this forum anymore

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Re: I hate it

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i agree :) now i miss watching the series again :x

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