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Regarding The Comparison Chart

Posted: Sun Aug 20, 2006 1:19 am
by Lightbrand

I've notcie some mistakes..

1. On the fourth row of the TV Drama side, at the end, the phrase was: "the word 'ling' would appear if her loves her."

Typo, should be "if he loves her"

2. On the sixth row on the game side, At the start, I also thought it was the fume from the medicine that erased Xiao Yao's memory, but the second time I played the game. I noticed that the Moon sect people DID gave Xiao Yao a pill the same time they gave him that hammer.

The only difference is, in the game, the pill automatically erased the memory after Xiao Yao feeds the medicine to his aunt, rather than the Moon people chanting the words after Xiao Yao tried to assasinate them...

3. On the seventeenth row on the game side. Stone master DID capture the doctor's daughter. Xiao Yao, Yue Ru, and Ling Er went to rescue her, Stone master at the end defeated all three of them (Impossible to beat unless with a character editor.)

The difference is, Ling Er left with Stone master under the promise that he will not harm Yue Ru or Xiao Yao. Stone master agreed with the terms and Ling Er went with him. Yue Ru was locked into a cage with doctor's daughter. And Xiao Yao was left on the altar, then that's where Ah Nu appeared and feed an antidote with Xiao Yao about something.

You also forgot...

1. Most of the people Xiao Yao met on the road are Moon clan spies..
2. Sheng Gu is waayyyy younger.
3. Ah Nu likes Tang Yu.
4. Ah Nu turned into a bird with Tang Yu.
5. Stone master works for (黑苗族) in the game. While he became Moon clan master's father drama.
6. Stone Master suicided to kill bunch of people about to take Ling Er in the game. While he got killed by Moon clan master in the drama.
7. No Rain Praying, there are lots of waters in Nan Zhao Guo.

Posted: Sun Aug 20, 2006 10:04 am
by Chibi Jennifer
Thanks for those correction :) I'll make sure to change it in next update.

Regaring the other changes, the page was mainly looking at the differences regaridng Xiao Yao and Ling Er as oppose to the whole series itself.

Posted: Sun Oct 22, 2006 7:28 pm
by zzXiaoyaozz
that chart is good though i think i will like the drama to the games

Posted: Fri Dec 15, 2006 2:56 am
by zeta_msz_006
What about the going back in time bit?? that's a biggy isn't it??

Posted: Fri Dec 15, 2006 9:12 am
by Chibi Jennifer
Yup, I vaguely mentioned it here:" Ling Er has already met Xiao Yao 10 years ago, a hero who saved her and promised to return."

I guess there were a lot of changes in terms of the story, but the page mainly looked at Xiao Yao and Ling Er, and I didnt know where that could fit.

Posted: Mon Mar 26, 2007 2:02 pm
by alih27
wow! i didn't notice most of the mistakes... now i know.. thanks for explaining...

Posted: Thu May 03, 2007 4:58 pm
by Terrapin Knight
About the item:
Game: Xiaoyao must collect 36 special worms to save Linger.
Drama: Xiaoyao must collect elemental stones to save Linger.
I was under the impression that the 36 worms were to reanimate Yueru. The item, after all, is used to make dead characters fight for 9 more turns in the battle system. Presumably, their use is similar in the storyline.

Posted: Thu May 03, 2007 6:15 pm
by Chibi Jennifer
oh...soo....what was used to save Ling Er?

Posted: Thu May 03, 2007 7:01 pm
by Terrapin Knight
If you have to find something, the fenghuang egg shell and the horns from the creature whose name I can't read. As the creature implied, it's a known remedy that's used many times as medicine to aid members of Nu Wa's brood to bear children that they had with humans. He made light of the situation, but that may be because he had seen the situation many times and knew it wouldn't be life-threatening with the remedy, though it otherwise might have been. It's uncertain whether she needed her life saved at all.