Game: Background Story to Xian Jian

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Game: Background Story to Xian Jian

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OK, so basically, this post is about the run-up and history of the world in Xian Jian in which the games (and live action drama) takes place.
This will make much more sense for those people who play games, as the game seems to contain more aspect of this article (after all, this article was from the Xian Jian Four Brief, which is found within the game.)

I translated it to English in the best of my abilities and precision from Traditional Chinese. I just thought I'd share this with you guyz, just for those very devout people.

This contains no spoilers, as it's in the brief, and it just mainly talks about the thousand year old history of certain objects found in the game (and drama perhaps too.)

So here you go: Enjoy!


The World of Xian Jian (仙劍世界)

Origin of The Land (世界本源)

In the beginning, the Land was in a state of "Vagueness" (混沌), and Pan Gu (盤古) was born in the midst of it.
The body of Pan Gu never-ceasingly grew, and kept on growing. The original state of Vagueness, unable to contain the enormity of his expanding body, was forcedly torn apart into two. It was separated into Lighter Air/Essence (清氣), forming the sky, and Heavier Air/Essence (濁氣), which coalesced into the ground.
After Pan Gu has passed away, the Inner Essence of his Jing (精), Qi (氣), and Shen (神) formed into the Three Gods: Fu Xi (伏羲), Shen Nong (神農), and Nu Wa (女媧), otherwise known as the "Three Divinities" (三皇). What was originally hidden inside Pan Gu's body, his Spiritual Energy Essence (靈力), spread out into the Land, and created the Five Elements (五靈): Water (水), Fire (火), Thunder (雷), Wind (風), Earth (土). His heart, The Heart of Pan Gu (盤古之心), later formed the connecting link between the Lighter Essence of the sky, and the Heavier Essence of the ground. The Divine Tree (神樹) grew out of this one-of-a-kind special interaction between the Lighter and Heavier Essence, and the Divine Tree acts as the life source to the sky, supplying and renewing life up above.

The Three Divinities, noticing the insufficient amount of life and the lack of it thereof, each agreed to create new life and races through use of different techniques.
Fu Xi used the Divine Tree, which drew upon the energy of the Lighter Essence of the sky to bear the Divine Fruits. It is these Divine Fruits which Fu Xi used, and out of it he carved the bodies, and infused his very own powerful Jing Essence into it, creating the Deva (神). Because the amount of Divine Fruits were very limited, the Devas had a trade-off between strength and numbers, which allows them to possess extreme power, but that extreme power itself imposes a limit on the population of Devas. Devas are unable to tolerate the Heavier Essence of the ground, and so they inhabit the sky, forming the Deva Realm (神界). Even though Devas are distinguishable between males and females (Deva and Devi), the act of reproducing will cause the life essence of the Deva to be lost, and the Deva will die, unable to increase the population of the Deva. Due to this, Fu Xi explicitly forbade the Devas from carrying out the act of reproduction (and along with it, strongly discouraged love interaction between the Deva and Devi.)
Shen Nong used the ground: the soil, rocks, grass and wood it provided, to shape the forms of the bodies, and imparted his own Chi Essence, creating the Creatures (獸) (this includes the animals, beasts and insects/bugs of the Land.) Shen Nong focused on numbers and abilities, and so, many different species of Creatures were created in vast amounts, each with different life-spans and abilities in their roles. But Creatures were never enlightened by Shen Nong, and so lack much in the area of knowledge and intelligence compared to others.
Nu Wa was different: she mixed the earth with water to create mud; from it sculptures were molded, and she imbued her own red blood and Shen Essence into them. She used a Willow Branch to tap and enlighten her creations, thus Mortals (人) came to life, made in her own image. Mortals are made to be beautiful and also highly intelligent, but their physique and strength are comparatively inferior to the other races. Although lacking special abilities, which renders Mortals ordinary, they possess a strong sense of wisdom and understanding.

Devas inhabit the sky, Mortals and Creatures inhabit the ground, and the Ghost Realm (鬼界) serves as the afterlife for Mortals, Creatures and other life forms to reincarnate into new life. Millions of years would pass and there would be peace. But soon, due to overpopulation between Mortals and Creatures, there would soon be altercations.

Formation of The Six Realms (六界形成)

One day, in the Realm of the Mortals, Shen Nong, who was one of the Three Divinities, had suddenly died. One explanation was that he had tasted hundreds of plant life, and had died from the poison they contained. The other explained that he had reproduced with the Creatures, causing his Chi Essence to be drained and depleted. Coincidentally, not long after, there appeared a new leader of the Creature Race who possesses an extremely high level of intelligence - Chi You (蚩尤).
Chi You (蚩尤) rallied the Race of Creatures (獸類), and waged war against the Mortals, with the intention of conquering the Land and its entirety for his own. The Mortal Race was assisted in battle by the Deva Race, who under command of the Deva General Xuan Yuan Shi (神將軒轅氏) defeated Chi You and his attacking army. Chi You conjured the remaining power left in him, opened an unknown and mysterious portal to a new undiscovered Realm, and ushered himself and his defeated soldiers into it.
Chi You trained and perfected his arts in the new Realm, and he and his followers eventually transcended into a Mara (魔). Mara Realm (魔界) as a result was created. The portal that Chi You had opened to escape from the Deva was named to be the Well of Two Divide (神魔之井). The Divided Well is the only channel that connected the Deva Realm to the Mara Realm, and so both realm explicitly forbade the crossing to each other's side, by impeding the opponents' movements, and also sending in heavy troops to serve and protect the passageway.
After, Fu Xi, in defending against this new Mara Realm, created numerous ranks within the Deva Realm, and named himself as the Deva Supreme Ruler (天帝). Fu Xi decreed that Devas are higher to that of Mortals, who then went on to set laws and forcedly rule the Land. Mortals must honour the Devas, and follow the rules and commands as ordered by them.

The Deva Race, millions of years later, had gradually been corrupted, rotten and exploitive throughout the time, and the Mortals, having been oppressed for so long, were already very discontent long ago. Soon after, uncontrolled rebellions exploded violently throughout the Land against the Devas. In response, the Deva Supreme Ruler commanded the forced suppression of the rebellions, but was only met by extremely fierce and even heavier resistance from the Mortals. The Deva Supreme Ruler, in his maddened anger and fury, gave Nu Wa a direct order to completely massacre and destroy the Mortal Race, to restart and recreate a new Mortal Race willing to revere the Devas. However, Nu Wa, unwilling to harm her own children and creation, instead entered the Mortal Realm to assist and protect the Mortals. The Deva Supreme Ruler, outraged by her audacity against him, cut off the ranking and status of Nu Wa as a divine, thus stopping her lifeline, and sent his elite Deva Generals for the complete and utter decimation of the Land. Many Mortals as a result were slaughtered in the bloodbath of the ensuing genocidal spree.

Nu Wa lead the Mortal resistance against the Deva Realm. She patched the holes in the skies, prevented the torrential rainfall from flooding the Land, and brought back the lives of many Mortal resistance-fighters who were on the verge of dying. The Deva Supreme Ruler, now calmed down and having thought about the situation again, realized his own mistake in his course of actions. He ordered the return of the Deva Generals and soldiers back to their Realm, and sealed the Entrance to The Deva Realm. He banned the interference of the Devas with the Mortals, and ever since then, the Deva Realm along with the Mortal Realm were both completely cut off from each other. Soon after, Nu Wa's remaining life essence since the cutting of her lifeline as a divine were eventually depleted, and so Nu Wa passed away, and her descendants since that time had always remained in the Mortal's Realm, carrying out her duties of protecting the Mortals.

Many beasts of the Creatures Race has undergone intense drilling and training, and has unlocked the hidden power of Shen Nong's Chi Essence within their bodies. These Creatures were thus able to evolve and transform into Monsters (妖). The Mortals of the Mortal Race, having went through heavy training and discipline, are also able to stimulate the hidden Shen Essence of Nu Wa, and ascend into Immortals (仙).
The transformation into Monsters/Demons and Immortals requires one to be gifted and diligent in training, and also necessitate in the specific energy channels of the place where upon they train and reside in. So, Immortal Realms (仙界) came to be situated aloft in the sky beyond, and the Mortal Realm also has established many sects and gathering with which one may try and attempt to train oneself into an Immortal. There are ten Greater Dong Tian (大洞天), thirty-six Lesser Dong Tian (小洞天), and seventy-two Fu Di (福地), which are subclassifications of the prestige of the number of sects throughout the vastness of the Mortal Realm, so-called "Immortal Realms" where one may train into an Immortal. Of them all, the most well-known is the Shu Shan Mountain, situated atop the foundation of the Heart of Pan Gu, and also the Kunlun Mountains, located directly under the Immortal Beam of Light.

On the contrary, although the lives of Monsters/Demons of their race seem to be a solitary one, one without communication with others, there does in fact exist many Monster/Demon Realms where groups of Monsters and Demons gather together as one. Of them all, the most widely known, located even closer than Shu Shan to the Heart of Pan Gu itself is the Demon Realm known as Inner Shu Shan (裡蜀山). Other than that, the Mortal Realm also contains many Demon Realms of all sizes, from big to small, placing of gatherings for Monsters, but none are of the same prominence and rank with regards to the Demonic Realm of Inner Shu Shan.

Fabled Anecdotes of The Land (奇聞軼事)

The Nu Wa Descendants (女媧族)
After Nu Wa came to the Mortal Realm, she married a Mortal man, and had an intimate relationship. The generations born of Nu Wa would always be females, and were able to bear only one daughter. Her descendants, after having been married and bore the daughter, would eventually die, her Energy Essence slowly drained by her next generation daughter and transferred into her as she grew up. The Nu Wa generations, having inherited such curse of a fate, is unknown if this is the result of a Devi committing the sexual act with a Mortal.

The Immortal Creatures (仙獸)
Some Creatures, having obtained certain techniques and formations of the training of the Divine, has the ability to transform into Monster Creatures or Immortal Creatures (仙獸); those that are closer on the spectrum to an Immortal Creature will thus transform into one. Many of the Immortal Creatures work as helpers and assistants to the Devas and Immortals, and there are also the small minority which came to be as a result of sexual interactions, one case being the families of the Creature of Five Poisons (五毒獸).

The Monster Creatures (妖獸)
Some Creatures were born with an above-average amount of energy essence and also intelligence level. These Creatures will most likely turn into the Race of Monsters/Demons, but not completely transform into one, thus becoming a Monster/Demon Creature (妖獸). Legend has it that the Demon Creatures are left behind in the Mortal Realm by Chi You his soldiers' progeny. Many of these Monster Creatures often cohabit with the full-fledged Monsters and Demons, and become leaders in their gatherings. There are also those Monster Creatures that don't cooperate with the Monster/Demon Race nor Creature Race, those that live in solitaire of their own Realm.

Energy Essence (靈)
The Six Realms are based upon different types of incorporeal Energy Essence. For example, the Ghost Realm is fed by the Essence of the Dead (鬼靈), and Immortal Realms by the Immortal Energy Essence (仙靈). Mortals also has enchanted scrolls with special Essence and Spells, called Scroll Essence (符靈). Those that activate this Energy Essence contained within will deplete it, and the Essence will be sapped, and the Energy Essence will eventually return to the Land, and re-coalesce into its regenerated ethereal form, completing the never-ending cycle.

Secrets of the Six Realms (六界秘密)
1. Origin of Chi You: It is rumoured that Chi You has the abilities of Creatures, knowledge of Mortals, strength of Devas; thought to be the offspring of Shen Nong and a Creature of the Creature Race.
2. Reason Devas' Energy Essence gets sapped after committing the act of reproduction: The Deva Supreme Ruler Fu Xi has always had an unwilling attitude to speak of such matter, and so has just simply opposed Devas and Devis from being intimate with each other.
3. Reason behind Fu Xi's withdrawal of troops from the Mortal Realm: If legend is true, Fu Xi's withdrawal is because Fu Xi felt that the Devas warring on the Mortals has caused him unease?
4. Fate of Nu Wa Descendants: Descendants of Nu Wa are always single, and every generation is always female. What did they do to have such a horrible fate?
5. The Kunlun Passage to Immortality: High above the Kunlun Mountaintop, there is a beam of light descending right down upon it, rumoured to be the legendary Immortal Beam of Light. Should a Mortal ever be able to enter it, they would outstrip their Mortal body, and their flesh and bones would instantly transcend straight into an Immortal. It's just simply a question of how to enter this beam of light, as there have been many opinions over this matter, making it very controversial.
6. Secret of the Mara Realm: Countering the Divine Tree of the Deva Realm and also against Fu Xi as the ultimate ruler of the powerful Deva Realm, how did Chi You with his crushed survivors transcend into the Mara Race? Why didn't the Deva Realm just simply invade the new and unmatured Mara Realm, but instead they only guarded at their end of the Divided Well? And how are the Maras able to keep on waging war against the Deva all this time, and not suffer the all-out attack of their nemesis?
7. Death of Shen Nong and his descendants: As the almighty Divine being Shen Nong was, how could he die to the simple poison of the hundreds of plant life? Or is it because of the same result/fate of the later Nu Wa and Deva Realm, having the Energy Essence drained after having committed reproduction? The Nu Wa Descendants have the responsibility of protecting the Mortal Race, and so are caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to romance and their fate. However, who would then be the descendant of Shen Nong?
8. Rank of Mara Lord: The Mortal Race, along with the Creature Race and Monster/Demons Race has had its fair share of beings calling oneself as Mara, among them few had the audacity of crowning himself as the Mara Lord. The rank and statuses of Monster and Demons are mixed and disorganized, but the can the same be said about the Maras? Fu Xi created many ranks and positions in the Deva Realm, and named himself as the Supreme Deva Ruler; in contrast, the rank equivalent of the Mara Realm compared to the Deva Realm is even more ambiguous. Legend has it that the Mara Lord, Zhong Lou, fought against the Deva Elite Fei Peng many times, and finally resulted in the apprehension of Fei Peng by the Deva High Council, which lead to Fei Peng being downgraded into a lowly Mortal.

Exploration of The Immortal Worlds (仙界探幽)

Shu Shan (蜀山)
Thousands of years ago, there was a huge change in the energy passageway of the Land, causing the sudden accelerated growth of the Divine Tree. The roots of the Divine Tree bore down directly into the Heart of Pan Gu, which caused the gravity of it to increase massively. The tremendous gravity of the Heart of Pan Gu now attracted the nearby earth, soil and boulders, and from it, the materials eventually coalesced into the Mountain of Shu Shan.
One thousand three hundred years later, the energy channels and passages of Shu Shan became extra vibrant, and there was an amazingly abundant amount of Spirit Essence emanating from this fabled mountain. The news and fame of Shu Shan grew, and Mortals soon dubbed it the mystical Immortal Mountain. Many those wishing to practice their arts and skills into an Immortal came to train and settled down on the Mountain; but there were many different founding sects, and each had a different way of training into an Immortal. The training and practicing process as a result were fractured and very inefficient, and few did fully ascend into Immortals.
The Shu Shan practitioners disagreed over the different ways of becoming Immortals, and were heavily divided, resulting in major conflicts stemming from serious disputes. Throughout the many millenniums that followed, there were an insurmountable amount of bloody dissensions, not to mention the outside intruders who waged war over this sacred place. Until finally, the separated factions all decided to consolidate into one, having Virtues and Swordsmen Skills as the major principles of the new sect. Emphasis will be placed upon protecting and helping the ordinary Mortals, and not as much on ascension into Immortals. Thus, the Shu Shan Immortal Swordsman Sect (蜀山仙劍派) was finally established upon the Shu Shan Mountain.

Sealed Tower of Demons (鎖妖塔)
The Emperor of the Nan Dynasty Liang Wu Di (南朝皇帝粱武帝), believer in the religion of Buddhism (佛教), thought of Shu Shan as a backwards and evil cult. He called upon innumerable amount of skilled Buddhist Monks and famous Martial Artists, and they constructed a Pagoda upon the Mountain in honour of the Buddha (佛塔). The many swordsmen residing under the sect retaliated with all their might, and were successful in driving out all of the intruders of the faction. The Pagoda was left behind, and so it was converted into the now famous Sealed Pagoda of Demons (鎖妖塔).
Later, the Deva Realm, in congratulating the Shu Shan Immortal Swordsman Sect for their efforts in their way of ridding the land of Monsters, from the barrier over the sealed Entrance to the Deva Realm, bestowed upon them the Demon Deliquescing Water (化妖水). This Demon Deliquescing Water, on top of being fatal to Demons, also suppresses the Demonic powers, viciously impeding the escape of Monsters and Demons locked within it. Thus, the Locked Tower of Demons became the sacred symbol of Devas overlooking the Mountain of Shu Shan.

Earthly Energy Channels (地脈)
The ground is the most basic foundation that make up the vastness of the Land itself, created by Pan Gu in the beginning of time. All living beings have special energy channels running through their bodies called Jing Mai (經脈), and the same holds true for the Land, called Di Mai (地脈). The Mountain of Shu Shan is the important nexus connecting the four Realms of Mortals, Monsters, Immortals, and Devas together, and is also the linking centre of the twelve massive energy passageways of Di Mai. Shu Shan has the twelve earthly energy channels running through it, separated evenly into its Yin and Yang sides, to balance out the Yin Yang of the Land and the entirety of the existence of living beings. It's through this nexus of the twelve energy passageways which flourishes the abundance in Spirit Essence around the Mountain of Shu Shan, and also envelopes the Shu Shan Mountain to counteract the gravity of the Land and keep it afloat in the sky. The twelve Di Mai's mirrors the interaction of the five elements, which when the five elements and spirit essences are continuously being used throughout all the living beings in existence, the Di Mai will rearrange and balance itself out to counteract and adapt to the changing movements of the five elements, allowing the universal Yin and Yang energy to be in a constant state of interaction, and allow life to exist.

Kunlun (崑崙)
Situated high up beyond the Kunlun Mountains are the nine planes of Immortal Realms. Every level of Immortality resides the specific Immortal beings who live there according to status, and each plane of Immortal existence are separated by millions of miles that are exponentially higher than the last.
The Kunlun Mountain ranges spread as far as the eye can see, and much more beyond that are even more and more mountain peaks. Accompanying the unbelievable sight of the mountains are the spiritual esoteric whirls of clouds and fogs of five different colours, which circle the mountains, weaving to and fro through the many crests and tips. The combination of these two fantastic elements produces an astounding and astonishing image, beautiful beyond words that are truly worthy to be a place of the divine. Thus, the eight most dominant factions of the Kunlun Mountains are founded, and in order are as such: Hall of Bi Yu (碧玉堂), Palace of Qiong Hua (瓊華宮), Palace of Xuan Pu (懸圃宮), Peak of Lang Fong (閬風巔), City of Tian Yong (天墉城), House of Zi Cui Dan (紫翠丹房), Palace of Yu Ying (玉英宮), and the Palace of Kunlun (崑崙宮). Although they all reside in the terrain of the Kunlun Mountains, each faction minds matters and businesses affecting its own, and not the others, and so there are no co-operations or joint consolidations of these eight massive sects.
The energy channel of the Kunlun Mountains are located directly below the Immortal planes of existence, said to have a direct passage through to Immortality, and so are named by people to be the Divine Mountain. Many martial artists went to the Kunlun Mountains and inhabited the mountains for ascension, and these people secluded themselves on the mountains, hardly keeping in contact with the outside affairs to prevent distraction from their goals.
There are many origins to the different processes of the Kunlun sects training for ascension, one of them being the Swordsman Sword Merge Technique (人劍合一), used primarily by the Palace of Qiong Hua. In order to use the Swordsman Sword Merge Technique, one must not only be highly skilled in the various forms of Taoist martial arts and sword skills, but on top of it also intensely practice and train one's body along with the specific sword in hand. The training practice must be done in such a way that the Spirit Essence within the Sword and the characteristics are completely in tune to complement each other, in which the real aspects and benefits of the state of the Swordsman Sword Merge Technique is unlocked for the optimum training method.

Rumours of The Monster Realm (妖界探聞)

Inner Shu Shan (裡蜀山)
The Monsters and Demons sealed within the Locked Tower of Demons of Shu Shan Mountain has discovered that the weakest points of the Pagoda are at its ground floor, where the barrier spells are not as powerful as the other areas. When the continuous interaction of the Earthly Energy Passages of the Land are at the specific points of channels, those Demons strong enough to force through the barrier can escape from the Locked Pagoda, and enter into the Demon Realm of Inner Shu Shan. Those Demons and Monsters who reside in Inner Shu Shan live off the energy essence emanating from the Heart of Pan Gu, and thus, the special energy signatures of the realm allows for the accelerated training process of these Monsters. In time, the Inner Shu Shan became more and more crowded with Monsters escaping from the Locked Pagoda.
Inside the Mountain of Shu Shan, the Monsters have created a flourishing civilization of Demons and Monsters, and thus Inner Shu Shan is the biggest and most highly regarded Demon Realm in existence. There are other ways of reaching this Demon Realm than through the ground floor of the Sealed Tower, but only the tremendously powerful Demons may do so.

Monster Realms of the Mortal Land (人間妖界)
Beside the famous Inner Shu Shan, there are other various gatherings of Monsters and Demons, but none are of the same stature as Inner Shu Shan.


There, this is where I'm up to right now, there are still a few sections left, I'll do my best to try to fill in the rest.

Any comments? I hope there it's not too confusing.
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Post by Pal Fan »

Now, this post will mainly focus on the game aspect of Xian Jian storylines.

This article is to allow those who have not played the game to come to a deeper understanding of the way the story really is, as it tells more in detail what each realm is like and how they compare to each other, from the ordinary average mortal's point of view. Reading this before reading the game storylines will help to realize the immensity of certain courses of actions described.

Not exactly spoilers, at least not too much. It's pretty much safe for all:


In legend of Xian Jian Jian Qi Xia Zhuan, there are "The Five Elements of the Six Realms" (五靈六界), the Five Elements are (In clock-wise order in accordance to the Elemental Formation (五靈法陣) shown in the game):
Water (水), Fire (火), Lightning (雷), Wind (風), Earth (土).

The Six Realms (六界) of the game are:
The Deva Realm (神界).
The Immortal Realm (仙界).
The Mortal Realm (人界).
The Ghost Realm (鬼界)
The Monster/Demon Realm (妖界).
The Mara Realm (魔界).
To get a better understanding about the Six Realms, there's a little explanation about each of them.

Deva: The Devas are beings so immensely and disproportionally powerful compared to the rest of life on Earth, they are viewed to be pretty much "Gods". Devas have the gift of immense power (靈力) unsurpassed by any other beings, but it comes at a very high price: Devas are forbidden from experiencing the simple emotion of love. The reason Devas are strictly forbidden from committing the sexual act is because Devas are unable reproduce. Not only that, but committing the sexual act will cause their power (靈力) to be drained and lost, resulting in the death of both the male and female Deva. Since Devas are so powerful, there are only a limited amount of them, so rules are in place to prevent deaths caused by "unnecessary" events (read: Love.) The only way Devas can increase in number is by being molded out of the Divine Fruit of the Divine Tree (神樹), which only fructifies once every one thousand years. Very long ago, Devas used to interact with the other Realms, but due to difference in opinions, there was a huge strife. Long story short, because of the direct order from the Deva Supreme Ruler (天帝) not to interfere with the affairs of the Mortal Realm, they are now restricted to their own Realm. Devas live for an exceptionally long time, partly due to the time difference between the Deva Realm and Mortal Realm (seven days in the Deva Realm is equivalent to one thousand years in the Mortal Realm.) Devas, as powerful as they are, are still bound to the universal laws of the Land, such as Ying Yang and Karma. The only way Devas can be challenged are by the Maras, who are the only other race able to rival the Devas in power and might.

Immortals: These are the Mortals who have intensely practiced martial arts and skills so rigorously that they can actually ascend to the status of Immortals. Training into an Immortal is indescribably difficult - many throughout the entire history has tried, but never even came half-close to achieving it. That is because the road to Immortality is simply too hard: at the very least the quickest way will still take around several centuries to more than a millennium, and Mortals just simply can't live for that long, even the most expert swordsman. Pretty much the only way to ascend to an Immortal during a Mortal life-span is to use other-worldly techniques and divine objects, by drawing upon the power of it to assist one in transcending to Immortality. (Usually the objects are long lost relics of the Warring States Eras (戰國時代), which were descended from the Devas Realm back then when Devas still used to interact with the Mortal Realm. It can also be objects like the Elemental Orb/Creatures, and harnessing the powers of them to ascend into an Immortal.) Immortals are immensely powerful compared to even the most powerful mortal swordsman, but they are nonetheless like a speck of dust when compared to the might of a single Deva. Theoretically, an Immortal can also ascend to the fabled rank of Devas, through an even exponentially more intense training than that of a Mortal achieving Immortality. However, to put it simply, it's just so hard to ascend further to the Deva Realm that there's no recorded history of one ever making it that high.

Mortal: The Mortals are pretty much the most ordinary, but also dynamic of the Six Realms. The majority of Mortals are comparatively simple and knows no swordsmen skills at all. However, those that do will perform the swordsman skills to bring peace to the land by slaying monsters and demons. The Mortals who don't take the path of martial arts will only to live about one hundred years at most, whereas the Mortals who do and have practiced the necessary skills and techniques can lengthen their life-span by a good half-century to one hundred years. By the time they do they'd probably be old and wise elders powerful enough to easily defeat any young challengers, but despite this, many have walked this road, and aren't even a fraction of an Immortal in the one hundred fifty years of perfecting their martial skills. Those mortals that develop their martial arts to the insanely high point can ascend to the rank of Immortals, where they as Immortals are much more powerful than even the most powerful, but ultimately mortal swordsman. Mortals who are corrupted* (* corruption is an objective term) can also choose to go the way of the Mara, by even more intensely practicing their skills and allow them to transform into a Mara, who will then be capable of going head-to-head with the Devas. (There is no recorded history of any Mortals who are as of yet transformed into a Mara, just like the transcendence into a Deva. There also seems to be no word in the English language that can describe the intensity and difficulty of achieving that path.) Either way, Mortals has to have enough ambition to achieve their desired goal; and strangely enough, being the most ordinary of the six realms, Mortals do possess the hidden capability reach extraordinary achievements (read: insatiable ambition); it's just a matter of unlocking it, which hardly anyone has ever done. There are actually quite a few numbers of Immortals, but you only get to interact with a few in the game itself.

Monster/Demons: Monsters are originally made and born stronger than Mortals; and therefore, from the Mortals' perspective, Monsters/Demons are a threat to them. Everyone knows that when one species is stronger than the other, there will always be strife; and so, Mortals have founded many martial gatherings and sects to counteract the threat posed by Monsters. Monsters have a longer life-span than that of Mortals, which is why many Demons look relatively young when compared to Mortals of the equivalent skill and stature. However, the Monsters that trained up their skills can become more powerful, and those that do/are can be sub-classified as "Demons" , which are obviously much more potent than the average Monster. (The English language allows for such interchangeability between the words "Monster" and "Demons", which is why I sub-classify powerful Monsters as Demons, but in Chinese, they are all of the same group, the Realm of 妖.) There are many Monster/Demon Realms, said to exist in many parts of the Land, accessible only by entering through special portals. (So in a way, the Monster Realm is actually a series of sporadic "inter-dimensional" places of gatherings, where Monsters can live in peace as a solid unit of combatants.) There are also lone monsters that sporadically dot and live in the forests, mountains or other remote and unexplored sites, which brings disruption to the unwary travelers/average Mortal. But those that do probably aren't as potent as those that live in their own realm, as some realms have special energy passage that allows for the accelerated training process, not to mention the sporadic Monsters are easy pickings for those swordsmen skillful enough to do so. Demons, just like Immortals, are quite populous, but luckily/unluckily you don't meet them often in the game. Demons who cultivate their strength to an unimaginable point so high can achieve the legendary rank of a Mara, but, just like an Immortal attempting to ascend to a Deva, it's so sadistically hard that it's practically impossible.

Ghosts: Perhaps the most extraordinary realm of the six is the Ghost Realm. This realm is special because its rules are totally different to that of the living realms. The living realms are fraught with disagreements, strife, opposing ideologies and battles, but they all end the moment one dies and enters the Ghost Realm. Every other five realms follows this rule, and so in the Ghost Realm, Devas, Immortals, Mortals, Monsters, Maras, and Ghosts all co-exist peacefully, despite the occurances in the living realms. This peace is enforced by the Ghost Authorities and Governments. The Ghost Realm allows for reincarnation of those who died, allowing new life to begin anew, at the cost of losing your memories of the previous life. Also, in order to reincarnate, one must be clean of wrong-doings, and if one has an unacceptable amount of sins, they must work it off until the slate's clean before being allowed to reincarnate. Ghost Realm is just like a mirror of the Mortal Realm, where paper money (紙錢) is the currency, and the hassles of daily-life is once again apparent, except this time in the Realm of the Dead. Those who do not wish to reincarnate, and decide to take up residence permanently in the Ghost Realm may do so, and such that are what makes up the Ghost Authorities. Normally the average Mortals aren't allowed to enter the Ghost Realm, as they simply don't know how. Only the skilled swordsmen has access to the necessary know-hows to enter the Ghost Realm, by going through special cities honoring the dead (酆都); but even then they will only appear near the outskirts of the Ghost Realm. Ghosts are pretty much unable to die, and the real inner workings of them and their structures aren't made too widespread in the fable of Xian Jian Qi Xia Zhuan.

Mara: There aren't much information on them, but put it simply, they are an extremely, extremely powerful and potent race. They are the only race capable of directly challenging the power of the Devas, and thus, many battles occur between them. The Devas are restricted to their Realm, whereas the Maras aren't, but nonetheless Maras experience severe difficulty in caring for the seemingly annoyant and useless disagreements that occur between Mortals and Monsters. Due to such elitist attitude, they hardly interfere with Mortal affairs, which ultimately are just like the Devas' rule of restriction (sporadic interactions do occur in the history though.) Maras seems to be more slack comparatively to the Devas, as they don't follow as many rules, nor as strictly as the Devas do. Therefore, Maras are allowed to experience more than Devas, as they can do anything they like, such as traveling between the many different Realms (falls under the whole interaction with Mortals affairs), etc.. It is also said that Maras can visit the past, but that whole area is very vague and unknown. It also seems to imply that Maras can only be bystanders during those visits, and are unable to change the events that have already unfolded. More evidence to the fact that as powerful as they are, there are still things they just can't achieve. Just like a Deva, Maras are viewed to be invincible gods, and the only way a Mara will die is if he's defeated by someone who is more powerful than him, like a Deva, or an even stronger Mara. It is known that Demons can transcend into a Mara, but as to being born a Mara, that is still a vague subject. One thing that makes a Mara special is the case that they are capable of regenerating when they die, something that Devas aren't able to do. Normally when one dies, they would enter the Ghost Realm and reincarnate into another life. However, Maras, when defeated, seems (and I stress the word "seem") to have the choice of either forfeiting their life and enter the Ghost Realm, or regenerating back into who they are. As for the regenerative option, the essence of the Mara will eventually come back together and coalesce back into the original form again. Those who regenerate will eventually return as they were before, everything such as the memories will stay intact, but the problem is regarding the amount of time it takes to complete the process. (Keep in mind that seven days is equivalent to one thousand Mortal years, so many eras could have passed before fully coming back together.) Some will take thousands of years to come back together, but as for any hard evidence to the exact time it takes to revivify, it is unknown. Another point of interest is the way the Mara rules. As the Mara Lord, he is practically unchallengeable, but due to some complicated and unexplained system, he has duties responsible to the other Maras. It seems that if the Mara unanimously oppose, or oppose as a collective against the Mara Lord, the Mara Lord cannot go through with the action. All the more interesting aspects to this mysterious Mara race.

(NOTE: - Devas and Maras are viewed to be Gods, but they are not. They aren't invincible, they are just beings so powerful and destructive that they seem to have "God-like powers." No Mortal, Ghost, nor Monster/Demon can defeat them; the only being that can actually rival the power of the Deva has to be a Mara, and that of a Mara needs to be a Deva. Devas aren't exactly benevolent beings, and Maras can't be stereotyped to be malevolent forces neither, these are just perspectives which Mortals have placed upon these two opposing conceptions. It is just simply two forces with two different ideologies fighting each other; it is wrong to say one is good, and one is bad.) <----- (The points made in here are highly objective, but must be clarified, which I will leave for you to decide.)


OK, and there it is. Have fun getting your thoughts straight! =)
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This is good stuff.

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oh wow, thanks for that! How come I didnt see this thread until now? @__@
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Haha. I spent half an hour looking through this thread. It is not confusing because it is in simple english. But still very long... :shock:
However, good work for posting these... It is very useful as it allows us to understand more about the storyline. Maybe even those that played the game might not understand all these... lolz

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