A quite useful tool for playing Chinese Paladin 4

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A quite useful tool for playing Chinese Paladin 4

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Chinese Paladin 4 trainer it is.This trainer doesn't do anything that could damage the game balance, it only make it more comfortable playing this game, for expample, this trainer make a good improvement to the game's viewing angle system (the original one is quite annoying in my opinion) and here is a brief introduction on how to use it to improve your game play experience:

Getting started: if you wish to use this trainer, just start it while the Pal4 game is running.

First Tab: as this pic shows, this tab is all about tweaks to the games viewing system which they make a really great improvement, my recommandation, activate all, to activate it, you may just press short-cut button(in this case, Y, K, G) or simply click on them in the trainer.
00.jpg (22.75 KiB) Viewed 13885 times
Second Tab: as this pic,these are various tweaks to the game.
* First option(the one before the button "I"): save at any time, I think this is a quite quite useful, my suggestion, activate it every time! 8)
* Second option(the one before the button "O"): no enemy encouting during the maze. Well, this can be useful sometime, if you are really annoyed by the impossible maze and its inhabitants, activate this option will make you "invisible" to the monsters in the maze, you can just walk away without being attacked by any of them. But since fighting these monsters are our only way to level up our characters, it's wise not to use this option too much, or you will find yourself won't stand a minute before the powerful bosses.
* Third option(the one before the button "P"): show the entire map on your compus. Not quite useful I think.
* Forth option(the one before the button "B"): you can jump at any time now.
Useful at some time, activate it when you need.
* Fifth option(the one before the button "U"): wind walk, activate this option can make your character faster, the slider bar below is used to change the speed, right most point is the fastest speed. This is very useful to me and I always toggle this option on.
01.jpg (22.26 KiB) Viewed 13885 times
Third Tab: this tab contains only one option, it's changing leader in town, wanna see Mengli running around in town? Toggle this on and you can change the team leader in town just as in the maze.
02.jpg (18.24 KiB) Viewed 13885 times
Well, that's all, enjoy your playing and feel free to ask any questions :roll:
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