Chang Qing & Zi Xuan

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Re: Chang Qing & Zi Xuan

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Chibi Jennifer wrote:Hey Whistler you planning to watch CP3 or skip the entire drama?

It's sad to hear they were rather minor in the game, but there's no doubt they played large roles in the drama which I loved. I didn't expect this but once I started Cp3, Changqing turned out to be my favourite character. In fact, I thought Jing Tian and Xue Jian were completely bland and uninteresting compared to these two! From the moment the two met, right until the very last episode, I thought it was just so captivating and romantic. I loved their kissing scenes too XD hahaa..
I was 100% in opposite with your thought Chibi Jennifer ! I thought ChangQing and ZiXuan love was plain boring, and just wish their scenes not so long when watching :P

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Re: Chang Qing & Zi Xuan

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Well, death in dramas isn't necessarily the saddest... Sometimes, staying alive but having to be alone forever is the most painful, and that's what I find to be saddest in these shows.

Actually, Zi Xuan sacrificed herself in the game, but it wasn't for the Miao people.
How I want to hold you in my arms again……

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