We've moved...AGAIN!

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Chibi Jennifer
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We've moved...AGAIN!

Post by Chibi Jennifer »

Hi hi everyone :)
I hope everyone is staying safe during these uncertain times...2020 sure has been a crazy ride...

I'd like to announced that we are migrating both our Chinese Paladin sites and forum to a another domain name:

fairysword.windy-goddess.net is now http://fairysword.dearchibi.com
fairysword.windy-goddess.net/phpBB is now http://fairysword.dearchibi.com/phpBB
chinesepaladin3.windy-goddess.net is now http://chinesepaladin3.dearchibi.com

After 14 years, I've decided to finally retired the windy-goddess.net domain. Moving forward please visit these URL instead :)
♥Xiaoyao and Ling'er~~~

Hardcore Fan
Hardcore Fan
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Re: We've moved...AGAIN!

Post by Lightbrand »

Thanks for your hard work

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