June 2007 Updates Archive

Posted by on June 16th, 2007 | Category: Site News

17 June 2007: Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates lately. There’s not too many news in the world of Xian Jian that I know of. This may be due to reasons that I don’t search through Chinese sites much since I’m not really good with reading Chinese. If anyone here knows of Chinese Paladin news, whether it’s about the 4th sequel or MMORPG, please let me know my sending me an e-mail =) I did consider changing this layout, but I really like it and don’t want to take it down yet, hehe.

The focus on the Chinese Paladin drama of this site is pretty comphrehensive so some time in the future I want to look more at Xiao Yao and Ling’er in the classic game- Look forward to it.

On another note, we currently have 414 members in the Fanlisting and 816 registered users of the forum! If you’re a fan of Xiao Yao and Ling’er from the game or drama, please please join. the fanlisting =) Our next goal is 500 members! Knowing what a cute couple they are I’m sure this is achievable!

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