Hu Ge’s latest drama “Shangri-La” available on DVD!

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Hu Ge’s TV drama “Shangri-la” 香格里拉 is now available on DVD over at Yesasia! Only the China version is available at the moment, but I’ll let you know once the English subtitled version is out for those who cannot understand Chinese :)

Shangrila 香格里拉 DVD

Product Title:  Shangri-La 香格里拉 (China Version)
Artist Name(s): Hu Ge 胡歌, Wang Li Ke 王力可, Wei Zi 巍子, Zha Xi Dun Zhu 扎西頓珠, Kym 金莎
Director: Jiang Jia Jun 蔣家駿
Release Date: 2011-05-24
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: Simplified Chinese

YesAsia Editorial Description

Chinese Paladin III and The Myth star Hu Ge returns in 2011 to topline his biggest production yet – the epic TV drama Shangri-La! The charismatic actor stretches his acting chops to play a vengeful horse bandit of Tibetan origin who eventually becomes a national hero. Hu is reunited with The Myth‘s director Chiang Ka Chun in the period drama which co-stars Wang Like, Weizi, singer/actress Kym, and Tibetan singer Zhaxi Dunzhu. Shot entirely in Yunnan Province, the series depicts the heavenly scenery of Shangri-La and the folk customs of the ethnic minorities in the region through a captivating story that combines furious war action and intricate romantic drama.In 1936, on the prairie of Shangri-La, a dashing young man named Zhaxi (Hu Ge) wins the spring horseracing event with his superb horsemanship. When presented the award, Zhaxi takes everyone by surprise as he kidnaps the Chief back to the camp of the horse bandits – thus begins his romantic entanglement with the Chief’s daughter Zhoima (Wang Like). It turns out that ten years ago, Zhaxi’s mother and grandpa were mercilessly killed, and he comes back and joins the horse bandits in order to find the culprit and seek vengeance. However, through much trials and tribulations, Zhaxi ultimately puts his family vendetta and relationship issues aside for the fate of the nation, bravely leading his compatriots in the fight against Japanese invaders…

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