Fairy & Swordsman v8 Revamp Complete

Posted by on March 3rd, 2010 | Category: Site News

Version 8 of the site is finally up! Over the past 3 days I’ve spent several hours moving everything from the old site to the wordpress powered CMS system. I have to say I’m really happy how this turned out and love this new look :) Over the next few days I’ll be adding finishing touches and bits and pieces to enhance it even more. To check out our previous site designs, click here.

The image gallery is back up with a snazzy new look, sorted into different photo albums. This will make it easy for me to add images, and you will enjoy a much more user-friendly experience. Access the image gallery with the navigation links on your right.

If you have a fanart or fanfiction related to Zhao Ling’er and Li Xiaoyao (or Liu Yi Fei and Hu Ge) please send them in! I would love to have them displayed in the Fan Section of this site. Full credit will be given back to you :)

We also have a new affiliateK-TVB.net, a huge and popular TVB Drama Blog run by the lovely KTVB. I’m open to site affiliates and would love to affiliate with sites/forums/blogs/fanlistings related to Xian Jian/PAL, Chinese Paladin, Chinese/Hong Kong Drama/Entertainment, Liu Yi Fei, Hu Ge and Games. If you have a site that fits under these categories, please send me a email!

Having said that, you are very welcome to link to our site. Many buttons/banners can be found in the Join section. Please help promote this site on your blogs and at forums! Although we’ve been around for a while, we’re still very niche and not many people can find us in the big world-wide web. In order for us to grow, we’ll need to gain some exposure.

I’ve also noticed the Fanlisting join form isn’t submitting through properly. I will have this fixed ASAP and give it a much needed upgrade.

Last but not least, please take advantage of our RSS Feeds and subscribe to our updates! You will be notified of our site updates along with Chinese Paladin news and goodies :)

Thanks for reading and do check back soon.

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